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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jack Ass!

So they say when you have a bad experience you are 10 times more likely to tell people than if you have a good experience. Welcome to my bad experience. As many of you know we bought a new TV last weekend. We also signed up for Direct TV as they have more HD channels and we were tired of Charter's BS. Of course BS mush be par for the industry and who knows when we'll have satellite service. I get a call on Wednesday to confirm my appointment. The tech called me this morning at 8:30 and said he's running ahead of schedule, is it ok if he comes over more like 11. I said no problem. He tells me he'll be over some time between 11-1 then (my original window was 12-4. It's now 4:20 and no sign of anyone. I don't even know what to say if I call which is why I called now as we have to be somewhere at 6 tonight. Bastards. So now I have no idea when we'll get satellite, it's not every day I have tons of hours to spend doing nothing. I hate Direct TV. Oh yeah, since I got the call at 8:30 I've had my phone in my pocket and they never called again. WTF?

In other news, Prime Quarter was most excellent last night. We didn't get to eat until 9pm as we were really late getting there and filet mignon takes along time to cook. Food and company were both great!

In a weird observation, I've noticed that people I don't talk to much at work can still talk to me like a good friend if I see them somewhere else. It's happened a couple times, most notably yesterday at the Y. A coworker who I've barely ever talked to was at the Y working out at the same time I was. She seemed really excited to see me and she talked to me two seperate times and went out of her way to say bye before leaving. It's cool and I am glad that people feel I am approachable (I always thought I was kind of an enigma.) I guess most people are nice when you get them out of a work environment.

Riz just called, he was desperate for something he'd like at Starbucks (I believe he was on a date) and I steered him towards the hot chocolate. He seemed thankful and those are some of my favorite calls to recieve.

Well it's almost Christmas and this will probably be my last post before the Holidays! From everyone here at the Waffle House Chronicles (me) to all of my readers (2) have a Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I don’t know about you but this is really big news to me. It’s a nice new sipping drink and available in some quality flavors. If the taste is half-way decent then it’ll rock! Doesn’t come out until after Christmas so if you really need a fix, try the Gatorade AM Orange/Strawberry. Best Gatorade flavor ever! Not sure why Gatorade doesn’t make an enhanced beverage, couldn’t be too tough to add a multivitamin to a bottle of Gatorade. Vitamin Water is taking over though, it basically does everything Gatorade does and adds something else as well. I know some think Vitamin Water is stupid but those also aren’t the people Vitamin Water is marketed to.

Maybe we should make this into a food post? Sure! My parents went to Florida a month ago. My preeminent restaurant (#1 appetizer, #3 nachos, Top 10 Burger) Jungle Jims went out of business. It’s a shame, the food was always good even if the service and clientele has went downhill each time I’ve visited. On a related note, Madison no longer has a Damon’s restaurant. We attempted to go there a couple weeks ago on the east side…gone. Jess’ $25 gift certificate went to waste (supposedly it will work in the Dells and Janesville if those don’t go out of business before we can hit them as well.) Tomorrow night we get to go to Prime Quarter so I am excited for that! Of course the one Prime Quarter that I made the Wall of Fame (Appleton) has also went out of business. The only other place I’ve ever made a Wall of Fame is the (yes, now defunct) Taco Time in Black River Falls, WI, the only time Taco Time flirted with Wisconsin. They now have a Taco Johns which is a Christmas Eve lunch tradition (2 years) but I am going to go out on a limb and predict that much like all but one of the Taco Johns in the Madison area, this one too won’t exist.

Starbucks vs Dunkins? Everyone wins! My choice?

Holiday Update: Christmas shopping is 90% done and wrapping is 50% done. I don’t think I’ll get to 100% done this year but such is life. Christmas card and/or letter are on the back burner.
Sports Update: This is funny!!! I can so relate!
TV: Here's our new TV near our old TV.

Cycling news: No one wins with this story...but at least it could have a conclusion.

Work Update: Friday is kinda my last day at my current job. At least my current job will never be the same as I officially begin transitioning of my current role to the new guy and I begin to transition to my new role on the next day I work. Interesting.

Assorted crap!

What are you eating? A few of my favorites made the list! I've had the worst pizza and dessert in the last year. The worst food in America sounds freakin' awesome, but alas even I have a limit and likely won't indulge.

Riz thinks I should embed this:

and now I have!

Heard about this book the other day: The hilarious new Chris Buckley novel "Boomsday" has as its Swiftian premise a near future in which, to restrain Social Security costs, the federal government offers luxury living to senior citizens: as long as they "voluntarily transition" -- commit suicide -- upon reaching age 75. Better not give the Chinese government a copy of "Boomsday."

Haven't seen any Simpsonizers lately, so I'll be 3 months you go!

Here's something else to watch if you're bored.

That's enough.......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Greetings from Hez

Hez rocks! Check the link for some familiar faces!!!

Back to Life…Back to Reality…

I guess I have to continue my blog for the time being as it’s been requested. Hopefully it’ll become more interactive or maybe semi-enjoyable to read. My car got a new battery last Tuesday. 139k and it still had the original battery. So now my car starts great and is almost paid off. Sweet! Too bad lately it seems like I am dropping hundos on crap like this like they are going out of style.

Of course on Sunday we dropped some hundos on a new TV. 42” flat-panel LCD 1080P Phillips. It’s pretty sweet and got great reviews so we pulled the trigger. Plus this Saturday we will now have a satellite dish as we are dropping Charter and going to Direct TV. Not sure how an installer will install a dish on a snow and ice covered roof, but that’s not really my problem. I am pretty excited to have tons of HD channels, just in time for the official start of winter!

Looks like there is an end in sight for my job. Someone supposedly accepted an offer to start in early January so hopefully in mid-January I can start my new job. We’ll see what happens though. We had our office Christmas party this past Friday and it was a blast! Stayed out until 2am, it’s been a long time since that’s happened! Lots of hilarity went on, even more than the average party. Good times and good memories, and hopefully some good photos!

I really miss being on a cruise. We spent roughly 4% of our year being transported around by the Carnival Triumph and it’s sad to think that’s over and to not know when we’ll be back aboard. On the plus side, after these next 4 days where I have to be at work and have lots of stuff to take care of, it should be about a 2-1/2 week fun fest! Holidays, parties, great times, my birthday, time off from work and just a great time of year! On the negative side though, we have to get through these 4 days (4pm Friday can’t get here soon enough.)

Well that’s what I’ve been up to. Exciting stuff huh?