The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, June 15, 2007

A sad day indeed

Today is Bob Barker's last day. I am sad, sad that Bob's run is over but equally as sad for Larkin. A lot of people think they are the biggest fan of something but I can honestly say Larkin's passion for The Price is Right eclipses the passion that most people have for most things. While most of us grew up learning to talk and count on Sesame Street, he learned on the Price is Right. He's visited a couple times and sat third row center once but never got a chance to get on stage. Anyways, this is about the Price is Right and those who are at my place around 7pm tonight will get the chance to watch the final episode with me. The Brewers will just have to wait an hour. Enjoy this clip and go You Tube some more!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not quite the weekend yet...

This morning I made some coffee but I wanted to get to work quick. I just got my new bike thermos and problem though, my new track bike doesn't have any water bottle bosses. And I wasn't going to bring my bag today since I didn't need to carry much and it makes me sweaty. So I had no idea what I was going to do and was just going to carry it to work. Then I remembered my velcro honeypot!
It didn't hold it very securely but it remained upright and it wasn't going anywhere. As you can see the bike is almost done. I just need to get some decals and maybe figure out a better option for carrying hydration for those shorter-intermediate length rides.
Lets see. Last night we had volleyball and took 1 of 3. We had a good time though and played a pretty decent team. Tonight Jess and I (with Chili and Popeye) met some other boxer owners (and boxers) at the large Verona dog park. I guess there is like a 3 mile loop with a big ass tower in the middle. Anyways Chili was a champ as the good influence of the other dogs rubbed off on him. The hot weather and his need for water kept him in control. Popeye didn't die which is a miracle for a walk that long and that hot. Both are sleeping well now...probably has more to do with the NBA finals that are on TV right now though. Brewers take 2 of 3 (after getting no-hit in game 1) so that makes for a happy evening. We got rid of our old dryer after less than 2 hours on Craig's List (and being on our curb) so that's pretty cool! Well time to get readied up before the weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a boring Tuesday night.

Yesterday we headed to the Cherokee Dog Park. It's a special treat to go to as they have river access so you can take your dogs swimming. And our dogs love to swim (yeah right.) I have to throw them in but then they swim like champs (and by champs I mean they swim like a scared 3 year old kid with floaties. Entertaining none the less. We even ran into Kris and Chey there (friends of Hez and Tad and good people) although no photos of this encounter exist. They were just about to leave but stayed around to watch our dogs play!

It was the perfect day for that dog park, it was so hot and humid that a shady and wet dog park was just the ticket.

Here is my first try at embedding a You Tube. If O'Donnell can do should I! The first one is Chili "swimming" and the second one is Popeye. There might be a third bonus Chili video. The sound got messed on the first one...not sure what's up.

Just got done with softball. We won and beat a great team! The official scorer says I got on base 5 times, 3 hits and two reaches on errors in 5 plate appearances. I am a scrappy singles hitter that hits everything to right. Unfortunately the mojo is gone since while I was busy getting hits the Brewers weren't. Stupid no-hitter. Oh well, such is life.

My mom and my grandma just got back from Seattle! I hope they had a great trip. Jerry is somewhere in Montana, I think it is Billings. Kelson is bored in Georgia, Kyle gets to visit Arkansas, Jess is out with a friend and well, I guess I am just stuck in Fitchburg not eating Sonic or Waffle House.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lonely neighborhood...

It's a lonely day in the neighborhood, it's a lonely day in the neighborhood, oh won't you be my neighbor?

Jerry, Jess and Kieran took off this morning to head to Idaho. What a bummer. They will be missed so much. It's so odd looking across the street and seeing nothing. No mini van, no red Toyota, no skinny guy working on bikes in a Schwinn hat. No little boy running around, no woman in the window washing dishes, nothing. It's really sad actually. Jerry was not only one of my best friends but he was that key go-to neighbor that you talk to every day, who helps out and who you help out, who you get to see even before seeing your wife. When 5 minute chats turn into 2 hour discussions. When we talked cycling over the smell of citrus degreaser and bikes being worked on it was a great afternoon. Some people pony up to the bar, others a coffee shop, others a barber shop, we had Jerry's bike shop, stuffed in the back of his garage. Tons of advice, help and good times sandwiched in between a myriad of cycling stories. Thanks a bunch to introducing me to a whole new rhelm of friends. Kieran is so awesome and Jess is a great person as well (although we don't have many photos of her for some reason.) We enjoyed having you as neighbors and we will always cherish you as friends.The weekend was alright. Friday night we went with our former neighbors to Abuelos. It's quickly moving up the restaurant charts and is Top 15 in Madison...probably soon to be Top 10. Got home and crashed hard. Saturday was the usual basketball followed by the Farmer's Market. We had our kickball tournament that afternoon. We dominated our first two games to make it to the championship game just to get shelled. It was fun though. Hung out with Kyle and Tracy that night (burritos and bean farming) which is always a great time with great company. Sunday it was up early to go to Blue Mound for the last Jerry ride. I almost got to ride with Jerry for a little bit. I had one flat and Balsley hurt his shoulder...other than that the ride was decent. Beverages and conversation followed and then I came home. Broken mower dashed my dreams of mowing the lawn but the rain delayed Nascar race started just in time for me to hit the couch and make some dreams of my own. Piasan's nightcap and the weekend was over. The Longs left this morning (noon is almost morning) and are heading west. Kickball is done now so only two sports left. Golf time?