The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, January 20, 2006

New Post!

So it is Friday and we are arguing about where to have lunch! I’ve worked out a ton this week so I deserve lunch with some co-workers! I’ll let you know how the decision comes out. Things here are going pretty well. I got a whole new set-up at work that is ergonomically better so hopefully my shoulder won’t hurt as much. I also learned some new shoulder stretches.

I went to two spinning classes this week and I must say they are a darn good workout. I hurt much more after them than a 10k running or just riding any # of hours on my own. Yesterday the instructor got mad at me because of my high cadence. He kept giving me the slow down motion but he doesn’t realize I am there to spin and get in some good base…I can handle 120 rpms. He talked to me after the class…I told him I was trying to work on my high cadences but he said he didn’t want me to get hurt. Such is life, I wasn’t even rocking my hips or anything so I can handle it. Anyways I have a month left on that membership so I am hoping 2-3 times a week. I also need to set up the rollers and trainer although right now I am concentrating mostly on running. I ran 21.2 miles in the last 4 days, taking today off and hopefully getting an easy 5 tomorrow. After basketball and my easy 5 tomorrow the Chainsmokers invited me to ride a 2-3 hour group ride. I might even go! Then tomorrow night is the dodgeball tournament part 3! Sunday will be a rest day unless somehow I feel inspired to do something. All I know is that come 2pm, my butt will be parked in the basement watching football…I don’t care much about any of the teams left but with only 3 football games left until September I have to take advantage.

It seems J.Bro is going to bring it this season. I know he is working out a couple hours every day, mostly towards cycling so I have to get going as well to keep up! Which is good for me as a little healthy competition is always fun! His mountain biking has improved dramatically since the start of last season and with as determined as he seems he will undoubtedly have an excellent season. If only he would ride bikes outside, I should do a whole post on my opinions of J.Bro…just when I think I’ve got him pegged… I love trying to figure out people.

That about it right now! It’s Friday and I’m in love…

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This morning when driving to work I see a bunch of french fries scattered in the road. They appeared to be from McDonalds. Makes me wonder how they got there and what a waste. Apparently raccoons don’t live near Gilbert Rd. as it was 7am and the last time they serve fries at most McDonalds is midnight. Some McDonalds are open 24 hours…I only wish I was awake enough at odd hours to see what time I can get a Filet O Fish and what time can I get a Sausage McMuffin. Anyways back to the poor fries, I am hoping it was some idiot in a convertible who lost them…I would hate to think that someone got a bad batch (although they are a good 5 minute drive from the nearest McDonalds so I would hope bad fries would have been ejected by then.) They don’t make super size any more so I don’t think that someone ate too many fries and ditched the rest. My guess is there was a domestic dispute while driving and someone had the final say and threw someone else’s fries out the window. How else would roughly 30 french fries get in the middle of Gilbert Rd? It couldn’t be a pedestrian as even the fastest pedestrian could eat the largest order of fries at that point. Very few theories make sense at this point…oh those poor fries…

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Big News again! First I get engaged, then I get to crave the Fudd and now this:

So I realize that I haven't done my music in review for 2005 yet. But here is foreshadowing for my album of the year in 2006!

"An urban myth transformed into reality as the legendary Fugees announced a reunification. Pras, Wylcef, and Lauryn Hill took the stage back in the summer of 2004 at Dave Chappelle's famous block party, sparking massive rumors that the trio quickly denied. But then something magical happened: The Fugees confirmed the reunion, and released the single "Take It Easy." Ten years of silence has ended; in the spring of 2006, the world will have the long-awaited follow-up to The Score."

I downloaded the single yesterday and it is old-school Fugees with a 2006 twist...excellent!

Well once again a weekend without updates! I guess last weekend was so news worthy and exciting that I needed a break this weekend…and that is exactly what I got!

Wedding planning is in full swing! Friday after work we went and visited a reception hall and deemed it worthy of the glorious event. Zor Shrine is where it is at, just a quick stumble home for the J.Bro. The wedding show was also in town. Jess and her parents went on Saturday for a quick 5+ hours. Guh! She then came home, decided more research was necessary, researched on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and decided to go back on Sunday. Another 3+ hour day at the show! I can’t even imagine. But we now have a photographer and a ton of information!

But Mark, this is your blog, what did you do? I did nothing! Friday night after visiting the Zor we ordered some Papa Johns. Only delivery was 1:45 so Jess went to get it. Turns out they determined that my pizza needed no pepperoni so that was a bummer. But it was too much work to rectify and cheese pizza was good enough! Saturday I got up early to play basketball and run errands, got home in time to quickly cross paths with Jess and she was gone. I downloaded some music and played a lot of Midnight Club 3 (I unlocked Atlanta) and then watched lots of basketball (NCAA) and football (NFL.) Unfortunately Saturday night we were kind of planning to hang with friends. But Barry got busy and Riz got silenced (he took like an 8 hour nap and had his phone on vibrate or something) so we were kind of left empty handed (Hez was in but there aren’t many fun 3 player games.) Sunday was more of the same but I didn’t feel too well. A headache and scratchy throat (and the 27F +25mph winds) weren’t conducive to riding bikes so now every time I see Jerry and Garett I will be made fun of…at least until they need cheap bike parts! So more NFL and some housework.

My opinion on the Colts game: "Vanderjagt, Colts outchoke refs, Bettis in historic choke-off." OK, the Colts played like crap and the Steelers played like God…but it was still close. It was not a fun game to watch until the 4th quarter. The 4th was the best quarter of football I’ve ever watched.
Blame: Coaching- did anyone study film on teams that blitz? Vanderjagt- I wasn’t expecting you to make it but I would expect more that a big schank! O-Line- At least try to block a rusher. Peyton- When 9 people are blitzing launch the ball towards Harrison or Wayne, they are single-covered with no safety help, they are all-pro’s…make them play like it. 90% of the blame goes to the Steelers though, they came up with a perfect game plan and executed almost flawlessly. I am pulling for a Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl but I have even odds on it being just the opposite. Carolina just won’t lose, they are pesky like that and the Seahawks are playoff duds usually. Broncos? Who knows what they will give you….

Anyways, Sunday night was our almost weekly visit to JT Whitneys and then back to work on Monday.

Monday was fun! I played some hoops in the morning, went to work and then ran 5 (slow-ass) miles at lunch. My legs just wouldn’t go. But they were well enough for our basketball game last night! We lined up and noticed a former co-worker (who played college ball) was on the other team so we knew we were in for a beating. We were down 30-12 at half-time (including my first two points of the season) but rallied to lose 63-32. The player mentioned earlier had to have hit about 10 3’s…but vinidication was sweet and I actually blocked one three! We played a zone D which I am starting to get the hang of. Estimated line: 3-6 shooting, 1-2 3’s, 7points, 2-3 assists, 5-6 rebounds, 2 blocks and 0 Fouls. I can’t remember a time where I haven’t gotten a foul. My last intermural game I fouled out and was asked to leave after I got 2 technicals in a 3 second span. Anyways that team was by far the best team in the league and I look forward to playing more of the mortal teams. Anyways that brings you to Tuesday morning…a crappy day filled with drizzle, cool weather and clouds…hopefully my lunch run won’t be too slick!