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Friday, January 19, 2007

Tom Brady

God I hope the Colts win on Sunday. I can't deal with another Patriot win. I think Kelson made this video about Tom Brady

Give the Ron Mexico link (same Youtube user) on the Brady site if you really like football and know alot about the Miami Airport.

Photo Share

See title for link to extra photos.

1: The Carnvial Triumph
2: Me dominating Game Show Mania
3: Jess and I dancing on stage
4: Like a Virgin- Karaoke
5: Waterslide (EXTREME)
6: Motorboat or optical illusion?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to the Grind…

Monday was rough. Started it out with a 5 mile run (man I am out of shape) at the Y and a long work day. We went to Target after work and bought what might be one of the best purchases ever, a pillow made of Coolmax that can keep your head cool. It works to some extent as my head gets less warm but it might be godly in the spring when temps in the house can fluctuate weirdly. Either way, for $8 it’s a worthy experiment and if your pillow ever gets to warm for you I recommend it. Monday night I had a Chainsmoker meeting and then I had a basketball game with my team. I didn’t play that well (nor did anyone) and we got smoked as a team. We can and will do better!

Tuesday I had to sleep in instead of running. I did go for a 5 miler at lunch and was sore. Then my stupid neighbor held a ride and I didn’t wimp out. I borrowed a singlespeed mountain bike from work and we went out. It was 16 when we left and about 10 when I got back. I say I got back because after about a half hour I had to dab my foot which caused the worst calf cramp I’ve ever had. So I put my other foot down and that calf cramped as well. I rode home on the roads and it wasn’t nearly as bad but I knew I couldn’t put my foot down or do any super hard efforts. All in all 50 minutes of riding in the coldest temps I ever rode in. Got home in time for the Idol which was awesome!

Wednesday I got up and played basketball. My calves were sore but didn’t affect my game much. Of course I went 0 for 8 in the first game but started to find my game in later games. I still need to get into shape more! Didn’t do much else besides work and laundry and stuff.

Thursday- Woke up super early to go to the East Y. Ran 4 miles and played basketball. My calves still hurt so I am not in a hurry to ride outside. I’ll probably set the trainer up this weekend to get some spin and calorie burning in. Man that episode of The Office was tight!!!

Wow, my life is really exciting now! Pictures coming soon...I promise!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cruisin' Dirty

Wow, again where to start? I suppose I need to get this blog back up and running. So here goes:

Cruise Recap: I don’t even know how to recap a whole cruise in words. I’ll try to post some photos:

We left Friday night from Madison air-port and flew to Miami via one of my other favorite air-ports (Detroit.) We got in and Hez was waiting for us as she took an earlier flight. Riz flew down the night before. We got to the hotel a bit after midnight and got some sleep. The hotel was totally Miami from the 80’s and I loved it.

Saturday morning we had a poolside breakfast, got packed up and headed to the Port of Miami. We were able to get right on the boat without too much work (45 minutes of walking, lines, forms and screening.) We got on the boat and rocked some serious lunch and sat out in the sun. Finally the Riz and I hit the hot tub for an hour as the girls chilled it a bit. Yep, the first hour or so on the boat for my honeymoon I was hottubbing with the Riz. We took it easy that afternoon before hitting some dinner and then some game show mania and trivia (we won three trophies and champagne in the first three games) and then a show. Then we were all pretty cashed!

Sunday was my birthday. I am now officially old. Today was a relaxing day at sea where I spent time in the sun, in the pool, on the waterslide, doing some puzzles, etc. Jess and I also played Name That Tune (another trophy) and had tea time. Dinner was formal night but first they had a captains meet and greet where I had like 8-10 drinks in 45 minutes and was pretty tanked. I ate way too much food after that, we went down to the room where I got some birthday gifts (thanks girls) and then I fell asleep at like 8:30.

Monday was our first stop, in Cozumel, Mexico. We got off the boat rather quickly, got in a cab and headed to paradise beach. It was perfect, beautiful water, inflatable iceberg and trampoline to play on, snorkel equipment, long walks on the beach, nachos, drinks, etc. I found $1.50 in Mexican Peso while snorkeling which was cool and random. Finally I took a 2 mile (RT) hike down the beach and it started to rain. Back to the cab and back to the boat where it was sunny and we ate some lunch and rocked a nap. We woke up, headed back to downtown Cozumel, shopped around and then went to Carlos and Charlies and drank and danced. It was a good time! Back to the ship for eats and sleeps. Guh!

Tuesday was another fun day at sea. That meant more of the same from Sunday. Riz kept finding his niche (trivia games) and kept winning trophies and champagne. We also started the euchre tourney which I believe Jess and I finished a couple games ahead of Riz and Hez. This night I was determined to stay out late. I didn’t eat as much at dinner and had some cappuccinos. We played more games, then Riz and I sang some karaoke. Awesome! We went to the piano bar as well as the casino and made it down for a midnight magic show which was solid. Of course we picked the night before our earliest morning to stay up late.

Wednesday came way too early but we got up and ready and out to breakfast. We watched as we approached Grand Cayman. We here a message over the loud speaker. Something to the effect of being unable to port because of choppy seas which I was able to confirm by looking over the side of the boat. Heck, even the pool had 3-5 foot waves in it which was insanity! So we hung out, played tons of games (Hez is a Blockus bastard) and had a good time. Carnival even gave us a $25 guest credit even though it wasn’t their fault. It was disappointing not to stop but the Sting Rays will always be there and snorkeling in choppy water probably isn’t that great. We also played some in the Bag game and I had my first ever loss (I got smoked) on Game Show mania.

Thursday was Jamaica day which is probably the best day! Again we get off early as ass and head to Dunn’s River Falls. Carnival says that 85% of the people on the ship went there, we were there first! We rocked the falls without a guide (the only way to do it is to go early and not take a guide.) I climbed it 4 times taking some aggressive lines that my hands have still not recovered from. I tried one insane line and got about 1/3 of the way but I couldn’t make it. After that we went back to the ship, ate some lunch and took some photos from the top deck. It was there I probably got some west nile as I got stung by a bee. It even left the stinger in my knee. But I laughed last as the bee is no longer with us. Of course my knee still has an itch to it. We headed back to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville for some strong drinks. We then got cleaned up and played trivia (Jess won) and then the four of us teamed up to dominate Family Feud and win some medals and then it was formal night. We stayed up pretty late considering this night, playing Boggle and euchre and hanging out.

Friday was the last day, and it was a day at sea. None of us were too into being in the sun and it was really windy early that day. We went to the shops and a show and looked at our photos. We took it pretty easy and played some games that afternoon. I even sung Maniac on karaoke randomly. We had one more awesome supper and went out to the piano bar and casino and around. Then like that it was over.

Saturday was debarkation day. We got in a little breakfast and were off the boat by 8am. We then went to the world’s worst airport (Miami International) for a long wait. At least Miami (Hearld) is the best Newspaper I’ve ever opened. They had some CNN on and they found those two boys so that was fun to watch. But one whole wing of an airport with one gift shop one Burger King and one Pizza Hut. What a bunch of crap. Stupid security doesn’t allow you to bring stuff through the check in so we were stuck with that. We did have some donuts and coffee before entering our wing but still. Overcrowded, over warm and over boring…talk about sucktropolis. Anyways we got on our flight and of course the dude to our outside was holding a sleeping baby so my bladder had to wait. I didn’t feel great that whole flight but once we got to Detroit and on the monorail my life had meaning once again. A short flight later I was in the café with the Smulkas watching the Colts dominate! Yes!!! We dropped off the Riz, were reunited with the puppies and I opened a present from my parents, out to Uno’s (fastly becoming the best Madison restaurant…check the new menu sometime) and I got another birthday present (yippee!) and back home for more football.

Sunday we woke up and I got reunited with some coffee and the Sunday paper. We went grocery shopping (for over 2 hours between Woodmans and Trader Joes) and then to Red Robin for one final birthday burger. We watched football at home and then at Jess’ parents (and my final birthday presents) and out to supper and then, it was done.

Monday is depression time. Back to work. Cold and snowy, got to lose some weight so I worked out, I am eating better, everything is done and nothing planned in the immediate future. GUH!!!