The Waffle House Chronicles...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Not sure if anyone even reads this since I haven't recieved a comment since I started posting again. I finally got some pictures from Crowley from our trip to Cleveland. She took some of me at Ray's since my camera battery died (I later lost my camera and never got it back so these are the only photos of me in Cleveland.) Anyways, Ray's (and Ray) is awesome!

Here's me and the legend himself. He opened up the park specifically for us (mostly Jenny) and the next thing you know there are about 20 pro riders and about 30 other riders and Fuel TV. Sweet!

Here's me on the pump track corner. Steep banking but the Mongoose Nugget handles everything!

Here's me on a log ride.

Here's me on a ladder.

Here's me on an elevator. The body weight makes the elevator drop, you track stand your bike until the bottom and then move on once down.

There are so many cool features and it'd be a sweet road trip this winter if anyone gets bored!

I mean it was fun for 4 hours in normal clothes with temps above 90F.

As for life, it goes on. My new bike is busy being finished up across the street, hoping by Sunday it will be riding features like these...just outside. Two days down this week, not too bad! 2-1/2 to go! Take care and thanks for reading!

Monday, September 08, 2008


Many successes this weekend!
Dean and Beth got married! Congratulations Dean and Beth, you guys rock and thanks so much for including me on the big day! I can't believe how well you pulled off a 300+ person wedding. Everything and everyone looked so fabulous and I know all of the friends in our circle had a most excellent time!

Yes, it was definitely Dean!The hotties were out in full force!All the good photos from the reception are on Jess' camera except this one:Tracy makes the greatest milkshakes. If you visit her at Barriques make sure to get one Mark Larson style (except for Riz as the Riz wouldn't like it.) The wedding was a blast (despite all the photos I got to watch) and everything went pretty smoothly. The reception was a most excellent party and if I can I'll post some other entertaining pictures.

The next morning we went out to the Ironman to watch Wolfgram. We saw him once on the bike. Actually he saw us I think as he kind of blended in. So no good photos exist of this event. I did go down to the run to provide some support on the backside of the course. Saw him at Camp Randall:

Then I stalked him for almost 2 miles and we had some conversation. He looked really strong and had a most excellent time. I've never seen anyone train as hard for anything as he did for this so I am really proud of him. Yeah I've made fun of him alot as he is a full-blown tri-geek now but you can't dig on his determination and his result. Congrats! Even the mighty Wolfgram had to refuel(I can't believe he didn't dump the water on the girl in the Randy Moss jersey.)

Then I rode back home and figured the 100ft climb I rode was photoworthy.

Happy Monday!