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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two more weeks...

So another couple weeks have come and gone so I supposed I am due for another blog post. The week before last was relatively uneventful. Just been trying to get back into the flow of working out by swimming and taking a spin class. That weekend was pretty chill as well as I know we really didn’t do much. Saturday we watched the movie, Zack and Miri make a Porno. It was hilarious! Saturday night was super crazy though. Went to bed and at 2am an alarm went off in our room. Evidently we have a carbon monoxide detector in our bed room that is about the sound of an air-raid siren. We both freaked out as we didn’t know what was going on. Finally Jess realized what it was and it turns out that detector detected the presence of explosive gas. And I don’t think I really ate anything that bad that night. Well at this point neither of us could sleep so we decided to head over to Jess’ parents to try and finish out the night. Of course neither of us could sleep there either so I watched Office Space and she just laid down and didn’t sleep. Finally after about two hours of sleep, I called MG&E and met a guy at our house. He did all the testing and everything and concluded nothing was wrong, except our detector malfunctioned. It hasn’t went off since so we’ll see, I might buy another so we can test the two against each other if it ever goes off again. But on the plus side we know we don’t have any leaks or issues. That Sunday was rough, watched some Packers and ate some dinner and everything.

Monday was the big meat eating day (see below.) Good times! Jess has had a lot of meat since and I think she isn’t regretting her decision at all. The week was more of the same. Didn’t really do much although it seemed like we were really busy. Monday night we had dinner with Lola’s parents and had a good time. Tuesday we went to Dean’s to play Wii and hang out. The weekend came pretty quick which is always a nice thing. Friday night we went out to Red Robin for Dean’s Birthday. Played some games afterward and I know now that Ticket to Ride is a game I have to get. Saturday we decided to go out geocaching. We headed to Mt Vernon and found some of the sweetest caches ever. Here is us getting to the base of a little climb:
And then we actually had to climb; here is me on the way up:

The moss made it pretty slippery so Jess found an alternate slope, but we rejoined near the top and made it all the way...and found the cache!

We then went to a cache that was an even more difficult climb, but it sure was fun! Here is me about 2/3 of the way up to the rock:
It took a couple actual climbing maneuvers to make it up:
But success was had, at least climbingwise:
Jess made the climb too and the views were spectacular!
The bummer is that the cache that would’ve been the sweetest score remained unfound…we’ll be back in the spring though. Here is another little gap in the rocks:

We then went into the woods and found another cache before exploring the wetlands for some more cache. Unfortunately for us this stream was in the way and the log across was no longer across so we scrapped it early. We did see a huge trout and loved the long grasses:

We ended up only finding 3 caches in a 5 hour span on Saturday but it was the most memorable caching that I've had so far. Saturday night was Dean’s actual birthday and he hosted a poker tournament. It didn’t go very well for me (I had very few hands I could play and when I did play them I either played them wrong or just plain got beat.) But it was a fun time as usual which is what matters most and Jess did really well.

Sunday was more caching action. The first one was at this park with this sweet climbing toy!
Who knew Middleton had some sweet forest action!

This is a travel bug, this bug was a horse and wanted to travel as fast as possible from cache to cache so we sent him to our last cache of the day:
We even found some thin ice. Jess could stand on it (she didn't want to) but when I tried it cracked. Man am I getting fat.
We hit 7 caches that morning all around Middleton and now I've done a total of 30. I am hooked. The afternoon we chilled as Jess wasn't feeling great. I went to the dog park and then we went out to supper with her parents.

Monday came and thank god it was a short week. I feel robbed when the Packers don’t play on Sunday and especially robbed when I wait until Monday night and then they don’t even show up. Tuesday is almost down too so one day to go until the Holidays!!! Happy Birthday Hez! Thanksgiving will be a busy time as usual…probably need a vacation after the long weekend! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and may you all find success on Black Friday!

I know this is becoming a geo-caching blog and if this looks fun it's because it is. If you are looking for a fun thing to do as a couple or with a friend or even just looking for a good way to get out of the house, I recommend it highly. Put a handheld GPS on your Christmas list of buy one for your other. If you have questions let me know, I am a rookie but I can point you in the right directions. We are hoping to hide up to a half-dozen of our own next year too.