The Waffle House Chronicles...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I’m back!

I know you all missed me! Sorry for the delay but we had a lot to do on Monday and then yesterday was Jess’ birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS! She turned 27 so is only one year behind me for the time being! We went to Pedros last night and had a margarita (and one even ordered 3!) We also played kickball last night, it was our last game of the season. We lost 9-5 despite a 7th inning rally when yours truly hit (kicked) a homerun. I finally figured out how to really play the game last night too so it is a bummer that the season is done.

I hope to have a trip recap up today or later this week! A quick summary though: 6-1/2 days, 6 theme parks, 1 water park, one trip to Daytona (including the Speedway and Beach,) 3 visits to Jungle Jims and one kiss from Minnie Mouse!