The Waffle House Chronicles...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So I saw the movie Alpha Dog on Friday and I really liked it. JT played an awesome role and was hilarious (I am not a movie critic but I had my doubts.) Lots of randoms and an awesome movie. Although the ending was ridiculous and stupid and then it got worse the rest of the movie was awesome. It must’ve been good because I thought about it all week. It’s like a not dark version of Running Scared. Not that anyone else saw Running Scared. Early nominee for the best movie of 2007. Of course it’ll likely be eclipsed on Friday when I see Smokin’ Aces and if nothing else Transformers should dominate it. Not sure of what else comes out this year besides Shrek the Third. Oh yeah and the TPB (Trailer Park Boys) movie comes out on DVD this year so I can actually see it.

Weekend wasn’t too bad. After Alpha Dog on Friday we went to Pasquals. I want to go to Cancun’s soon so I can try their new menu. I also need to get the new Madison magazine (hopefully tonight) as they have an article on the best authentic tacos in Madison. Can’t argue with that! Saturday I played some serious hoops. Then we helped the Mundys move. Somewhere in there I tweaked my knee so it’s been sore this week. We went to Old Chicago afterward which was pretty darn good…although I’ll take Uno’s over the OC. We then watched the ringer, it’s a good one time movie channel movie and that’s about it. We played some games on Saturday night. I could play Blockus for a living. Of course then we switched to a new game called Loaded Questions. It was a dominant game and I give it my highest game recommendation.

Sunday was a day of rest. Took it easy and watched Jay and Silent Bob. It was highly entertaining. I cleaned some house and got ready for the NFL Games. The first game was pretty boring considering the score. Chicago looks tough. Then we went to the in-laws to watch the Colts game. It almost killed me and I couldn’t deal with Peyton laying another egg. Then something magical happened. I couldn’t believe it was happening until the game was over. The Colts kicked ass…and won! They are going to the Super Bowl. I don’t know what else to say, Go Colts!

Monday we played our city league game and got smoked 101-51. Um yeah, the team we played is better than most of the teams we played last year and we were in much higher of a league last year. One of the guys on their team was the best player at the Y. Another was a kid who led his team to a state championship. I played decently though, we played as best as we could.

Tuesday was pretty much a wash. I had a cavity filled and my jaw still hurts today. I ran on the treadmill and about two hours later my knee was killing me. I had to work too. Oh well! Worked on a secret project (not bike related) on Tuesday night and then I was home in time to fall asleep at 8pm watching TV. Excitement!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

AFC CHAMPIONS!!! SUPER BOWL BOUND...('bout freakin' time!)

Can't wait for Sunday, February 4th!