The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, October 06, 2006

I drank some beer last night...I am a little sluggish this morning! We had our annual Amazing Race on State St at work yesterday afternoon. It's basically a State Street Scavenger Hunt except you have to go to each place to get your next clue. There were also alot of bonuses! Our team was the 3rd team to the destination (Pizzeria Unos) but it was tough to gauge because the teams started at different times. I am guessing from a time standpoint we were 3rd-5th. But we got all of our clues, all of the bonus points and a significant amount of extra bonus points (you had to take pictures of the cows on the State St area) so I think we'll end up pretty good! We'll have to wait and see though...Anyways, one of the highlights is the free beer and food afterward. I had a good buzz on! :)

Tonight we head back downtown for a concert. We are seeing the Fray, which is Jess' favorite band. Last I checked they had the #1 and #13 songs at ITunes so they are very popular. We've had these tickets seriously since May, before they were even cool!

Tomorrow we are heading to Sheboygan to pre-ride, eat pasta and sleep in a hotel! Which is cool since the Badger game isn't on TV tomorrow. Sunday is the last WORS race of the season. This race will be hard, I can ride consistent but not too fast but they give like 15 bucks to the first person to cross a line like 1/2 mile in so the pace will be hella-fast from the gun! Other than that I am pretty good at this course, the singletrack is technical in a way I am good at with lots of roots and fast terrain with short and super-steep climbs! Should be fun!

What will also be fun is being home next weekend! With the exception of a quick Cross race Sunday morning we'll be ripping it up in Fitchburg!!!

UPDATE: This afternoon our team was crowned Amazing Race Champions! We won by a 5 point margin so I am sure it will be contested but as it stands now we once again are on top!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

3 Months…

Yep, less than 3 months until we get married. 3 months can sure go quick; I can remember events that were 3 months ago like they were yesterday. Of course Ironman was 3 weeks ago and it seems like ages, so time is relative. But we still have tons to do, you know all that stuff that was put off until after Ironman, after Florida, etc is now coming due. So I guess October will have to be hardcore wedding month. Oh and I’ll still probably race almost every weekend, watch tons of football and still have to go to Columbus to watch people who aren’t Jess and I get married as well. Hmmm… Colts are at home on 10/22… Stupid 3:15 games… Anyways, we’ll have to figure a lot out but it’ll be lots of fun and one helluva party! Wanna party sooner than 12/30? Stay tuned for info on another get together sooner than that…

Totally Crossed Out!

Yesterday I made my season cyclocross debut at The Badger Cross race at the Badger Prarie Park in Verona. The Schwinn team was helping run the race (Renee ran the show) and had lots of volunteers and friendly faces. Anyways, my race was at 10am so I got there early. Cyclocross is basically a mix of riding on grass, gravel, road, singletrack and in Verona you ride twice through a sand volleyball court. You go a few laps (yesterday was 4) and it is hard. You also have to get off a couple times to run over small hurdles (barriers) to break up the flow and one of those times was up a steep hill. Anyways if you are in the Top 20 you get series points so that was my goal. I was late for the start but got my way into the second row. My friends Kelson and Garett were also racing so it should be fun. On my two warm-up laps however all the grass on the course was wet with dew and I was riding all over the place just trying to keep it upright. There had to be over 60 starters so I was in for a world of hurt!

The gun goes off and I quickly charge in the Top 10. I know I didn't want to be in the barrier section with the masses. I faded to about 15th half-way through the first lap but kept it strong. After the first lap I picked off about 5 riders. Someone told me I was in 11th, then 10th, then 9th. I think I got as high as 6th at one point. But some guy who had to stop to take a stick out of his wheel charged by me with another guy and they pulled away and I was in 8th. That last half of a lap I was about 6 seconds down from a pack of 3, just chasing and chasing but the gap stayed the same. I hoped to catch them on the long road section but instead of gaining on them, some dude was gaining on me. I held the sprint for 8th and ended one spot off the podium, but it was a huge victory for me! Kelson finished a solid Top 20 as well and Garett was in the middle somewhere too, so it was a success! The best part was everyone cheering for me, I could hear and see people everywhere and loved it!

After that my volunteer duties came in and we (Garett and I) went and got beer from JT Whitneys and also some cups and ice. We tapped the beers when we got back and got to see most of the third race which featured Jen (who got 6th in Cat 3 in her first ever cross race) and co-workers Blake and Cate who battled it out with Blake taking it in the end. The 4th race had Dave Bell and wife Renee racing and doing pretty well! The last race featured perennial all-pro Jerry Long racing in the Masters race. He didn't dissappoint either, taking the lead from the gun and never riding lower than 2nd place. He had a tight battle with Mark Harms all race but gapped him in the technical stuff and held it to the line for a victory and loads of cash!

It was an awesome day; perfect weather. Many thanks to Super Fan Jess who watched all the races and cheered and even had the dogs out there most of the day! It was fun! Many thanks also to the Schwinn team. Alvarez, Matt, Rybari, Hertz, Jerry & Kelson represented us well! Awesome job and awesome racing.

Capped the evening off with some never-ending pasta bowl (which ended at 3 bowls) with good friends! Now it's Monday and I have to work 5 days this week (haven't since August...) Guh!