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Friday, October 06, 2006

I drank some beer last night...I am a little sluggish this morning! We had our annual Amazing Race on State St at work yesterday afternoon. It's basically a State Street Scavenger Hunt except you have to go to each place to get your next clue. There were also alot of bonuses! Our team was the 3rd team to the destination (Pizzeria Unos) but it was tough to gauge because the teams started at different times. I am guessing from a time standpoint we were 3rd-5th. But we got all of our clues, all of the bonus points and a significant amount of extra bonus points (you had to take pictures of the cows on the State St area) so I think we'll end up pretty good! We'll have to wait and see though...Anyways, one of the highlights is the free beer and food afterward. I had a good buzz on! :)

Tonight we head back downtown for a concert. We are seeing the Fray, which is Jess' favorite band. Last I checked they had the #1 and #13 songs at ITunes so they are very popular. We've had these tickets seriously since May, before they were even cool!

Tomorrow we are heading to Sheboygan to pre-ride, eat pasta and sleep in a hotel! Which is cool since the Badger game isn't on TV tomorrow. Sunday is the last WORS race of the season. This race will be hard, I can ride consistent but not too fast but they give like 15 bucks to the first person to cross a line like 1/2 mile in so the pace will be hella-fast from the gun! Other than that I am pretty good at this course, the singletrack is technical in a way I am good at with lots of roots and fast terrain with short and super-steep climbs! Should be fun!

What will also be fun is being home next weekend! With the exception of a quick Cross race Sunday morning we'll be ripping it up in Fitchburg!!!

UPDATE: This afternoon our team was crowned Amazing Race Champions! We won by a 5 point margin so I am sure it will be contested but as it stands now we once again are on top!!!


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