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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Friday sucked! Why? It was the last day! We started at some huge-ass buffet. It was monstrous and $5.99. That’s the life and gets me ready for our cruise in January! We then headed to Blizzard Beach Waterpark. Oh crap, I forgot my suit, good thing we were super early and our hotel was 10 minutes away. We still were suited up in line before it opened. The first hour was super clean with tons of walking and tons of rides. We even went on Summit Plummet, just you, a slide, some water and 55mph. We stayed there for like 3-1/2 hours and did every single slide there. After that we had some lunch and then went shopping. Post shopping it was time for me to overcome my fear of heights. Picture this. Remember that sketchy swing ride at the county fair? They have that in Florida. Crappy metal swings, 3mm thick linked chain, 4 per swing. You get on and it twirls. Pretty routine. So we are swinging around. Now the trick part, the thing rises up over 200feet so we are swinging on this ghetto contraption at 220 feet, feet dangling, my weight being supported by 4 thin chains. It was an experience! I can’t really say it was fun, but it was worth doing. The thing went up and down 3 times, each time keeping you at the top a bit longer. After that we ended up hanging out at Downtown Disney and the Disney Boardwalk. We went to the Virgin Megastore and Jess opted to listen to the #1 selling album, Justin Timberlake. Since there was only one Justin headphone option, I went towards another album, #39, Clay Aiken. That’s right. He’s the next (but better) Michael Bolton, his album is all 80’s songs that he redid. Download his version of Broken Wings, love it or hate it it’s definitely worth a listen.

Saturday morning, we head to Dunkin Donuts quick and then to the airport. Jess was a little worried we were late but everything worked out great. Then we were home…


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