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Monday, September 25, 2006

Florida Recap- Pt1 Add Image

Saturday: We left friggin early! Thanks for the ride Gary! We went through Atlanta to Orlando. The second flight was on a Delta Song airplane! Pimp! Live ESPN, trivia, music, window seat, I was all set! We got to Orlando around noon and headed to the car rental and then hotel. After getting set-up we decide to go get some lunch. We hit Jungle Jim's! Awesome! After was some Downtown Disney to play some Lifeand then to the Super Wal-Mart to buy some Life (cereal) and to the hotel for some college football and sleep.

Sunday: It's all about the bike. The rental shop was a little over an hour away an opened at noon. I am antsy so we left around 8:15am. We headed to Lakeland to scope out some trails. We wanted to ride the TOE and Carter but the TOE is private and after checking it out we decided not to push our luck. We stopped for some water and checked some things out and then went to the rental shop and got some bikes. We snacked at Sonic and got to Carter which was my favorite trail this side of Crested Butte. Jess' pedal didn't work so we then went bike shop hopping and tool hopping. No shops open near the trail, Jess cleat was frozen into her shoe so no changing it. Jess trooped on and half way through the ride her cleat/pedal interface worked on one side, by the end they both worked, she just couldn't hardly step out. Carter is awesome but is getting a bit eroded and has a couple spots of excess growth. I rode some trails I never dreamed of riding before and felt really good about myself. Jess liked it too. The trail basically traverses in and around several swamps and around a lake on a series of narrow rides that are about 50ft above the swamp in places and 2 feet off the swamp in others. We didn't see any gators though. :( We headed back to Orlando, cleaned up and then went out and lost our Ruby Tuesday virginity. Triple Prime Burger is awesome...but super messy.


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