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Sunday, August 27, 2006


So after yesterday's equipment failure I made sure everything was in shape for today's race! It all seemed good but then when I was warming up I noticed a big small chainring was super loose! Like almost falling off. I was able to tighten it up in time though and finish my warm-up. I also tightened my crank...just in case! So our wave was huge, they switch it at Devil's Head to be more like the norba national series. So we went with the 19-34 year olds instead of the 19-29 year olds this year. It starts with a 300 foot climb, 200 on grass and 100 in singletrack. I started 3rd row and had my work cut out for me. At the sound of the go we were off. I realized quickly I wasn't going to win. My legs were sore and didn't climb very well. I am pretty good at the other climbs on the course but the first one is rough. I enter the singletrack about 30th in our wave so I assumed there were alot in my age group (25-29) ahead of me. Crap! I settled in the first section (as if I had a choice on the singletrack) behind a guy who usually finishes 10th or so, so I figure I wasn't doing that bad. I pass him the first chance I get and catch up to Gosse. He's real good, always a podium threat. I rode his wheel most of the first lap but he was starting to get a gap. Then I got some dirt in my contact lens, scratched at it and my lens was awry. Crap. It felt out into my hand and I tried to put it in while riding...didn't work. I put it in my mouth and the next time I lost momentum I stopped quick and popped it in. It actually cooperated and went in and I only lost 1 spot. By then Gosse was on a mission and I never saw him again. 2nd lap, rival and 2nd place in the standing, Ebben was ahead. He wasn't having a good day and I cranked by him on top. I kept riding hard and felt awesome, my best lap by far! Lap 3 and I see another age grouper. I was waiting for the right moment to strike and then struck earlier than I wanted but I never saw him again. Finally I pass Jess and was feeling good...and then I see two guys in my age group about 30 seconds ahead. Ah ha! I'll use my superior talent in the singletrack to bridge up to them. Oh wait, I have inferior talent as I crash smack dab in the middle of the one creek on the course. Took me at least 15-20 seconds to figure a way to get my chain on and my knee was sore. The best way to get rid of a sore knee is to pedal really hard. So I did. My wet gloves were doing no favors for my grip though but such is life. I got to where I could see the guys again, maybe back to 35-45 seconds. Of course I was hauling the most rock covered/root filled part of the course. All of a sudden I wasn't on my bike anymore, instead I was laying in a pile of rocks, my bike laying 8 feet earlier on the trail. Huh. I get back on and my shifting was no longer crisp (bent hanger) but no biggy. Some dude caught me and was pressuring me hard but I held him off. We finally decend towards the finish, I take a bad line through the mud and get passed (he wasn't in my age) and I finish about 1/2 second behind him. A couple people I know said good finish and I thought I did pretty well. I guessed I was 5th in my age (which is the last medal spot) but when the results were posted I wasn't on there. 3 trips to the WORS timing trailer later they at least had my number right, I was 6th. Which honestly I can say is the best I could do today so my head was held high. I've never got a 5th place medal before so it would've been nice to round out the collection but such is life. Oh yeah, and Gosse must've just hammered the last two laps, he freakin' won! Here's my stuff. I averaged a heart rate of 185bpms for over an hour and a half straight. That's healthy! :) Average speed was 7.9mph although that probably doesn't include the 45 seconds of break time while I layed on the trail.

Other results that I know:
Jess got 4th in her age and I believe 25th overall.
Jen Jones or Danielson (not sure which) got 1st overall in Sport.
Gabe got 3rd but maybe 2nd after the great (190lb) clydes fiasco.
Shiroma got 3rd in singlespeed and maybe even 3rd overall.

I was very happy as I beat two people who smoke me at the Wednesday night TT series.

Jerry, Ryan Krayer, Ryan, Ryan, Mike, Bell, Not Hertz, and others are probably just finishing up so I hope it went well!

Well I've got a couple other things to do! These next two weeks are big for me in lots of ways! Wish me lots of luck!


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