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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Wednesday evening and I am taking the night off from working out. I worked out 12-1/2 hours in the last four days so an easy day today is what my body ordered! Aquathon and Gun Show tomorrow, easy day Friday and then the State Crit Champs on Saturday round out this week. Might (should) be racing Devils Head on Sunday and then I'll get my taper on! That's right, starting Sunday I will be tapering down to the Ironman.

News: So it took me several months but I finally accepted that I had a male friend with a pony tail. Of course then he had to go and cut it all off. Now he looks kind of normal, which will take some serious getting used to.

News: Chalk up a digital camera to Chili's Chew Toy list. He didn't ruin it but it doesn't look pretty.

News: Chili turns one tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

Training has been going really well and my confidence is pretty high right now. Although the other guy at Pacific was asking me what my "massage schedule" looked like and indicated he had like 5 scheduled before the race himself. Uh, massages cost money! It's funny the different strategies we've taken to get to this point.

Thanks to some of my loyal blog readers for some funny videos and photos lately! Good times!!! Keep them coming!


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