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Friday, August 11, 2006

Insane in the brain!

Wednesday was supposed to be a relaxing day. I swam at lunch and then went to the Blackhawk TT after work. I didn’t get last. My legs were so spent from my workout on Tuesday but I was riding singletrack pretty well. I gave it at about 80% as I didn’t want to get too spent. Afterward was a cookout and the return of Kelson! Pretty sweet!

Thursday was a good time fo sho! Got to work early so I’d have time to Gun Show it and leave early for Blue Mound. Gun Show was unimpressive. We kept a good pace but I can’t sprint anymore so I just kind of ride along. I played some good tactics but still couldn’t steal any points. Maybe next week! After work we got to go to Blue Mounds at ride with Eric Carter. This is the point where I am supposed to brag about how cool I am for riding with a World Champion mountain biker but I really didn’t ride with him…he couldn’t keep up! Just kidding. He was actually pretty cool and took it easy but when he was leading he would pretty much disappear and he cleared basically everything. What’s Blue Mounds without carnage? Broke my saddle. Only one flat as a group though. Oh yeah, we found this secret trail that is hard to find that was scary difficult but I need to ride it again soon. As for me? I rode Blue Mounds better that I ever have before. The new section will be fun, the old sections are in perfect shape.

Returned home to watch the Office (might be the best show on Network TV) and then off to volleyball. We didn’t show up. We got smoked…big time. We played one of those teams that doesn’t look good when you watch them but they never make mistakes. So even when we had great plays they would simply control it and the ball would come back.

Here some nice news! Oh yeah, read my post below and keep answering! I’ll post my answer soon!!!


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