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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So Monday morning I got up for some hoops action. Not enough to play so I went running instead. It’s coming back to me that’s for sure! So I waited until lunch to go swimming, went to the Y again but the pool’s pump broke! No swimming for me! Went back to work and took lunch later.

Last night I wanted to take it easy and the Beav was in town. We met him at East Towne and went to Damon’s for Happy Hour. Yummy! I haven’t played trivia in a couple months so I busted some out. In fact the second game I played I won! So that was pretty cool! I now have 79200 points. Too bad my home location (Damon’s West) is out of business but here are the rankings. Oh yeah and I am 2200 points ahead of Russ now (Zoltan!) Not sure where the Riz is ranked, he must’ve changed locations or not logged in recently.

Got my mountain bike working last night so that’s cool! Road bike I thought I got working but alas it isn’t. My new crank gets here Thursday so I’ll have to slum with a crappy BB in Baraboo tonight. Ran 6 miles this morning too so I am feeling good! Might even roll at Hilbert on Sunday. It's one of the few races I can do this year for the 4th time (Iola, Franklin so far and still can do Hilbert, Devils Head and WI Rapids.)


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