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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beat down…

Yesterday I had a good old fashioned exercise day. 5 hours, 3 sports. I miss those. Started off with some basketball action which was fun! After several hours of work I went for a lunch-time run. That is when some shenanigans took place. I was running on the road, against traffic. There was a truck waiting to turn on the road I was running on, watching only left so they could pull out. Well they decide to pull out (and pretty quickly) and I was perfectly centered in his grill. I jumped hard to my right giving me 4 feet and they finally saw me and hit the brakes. The truck was still only a foot from me. I got pissed and slammed their hood with an open hand (hard enough for it still to be sore a half hour later.) I think I was in the right, it was a beater truck too so any damage I did probably would go unnoticed. But I am sure I sent a message. Probably not.

After my run and some more work I got ready to ride the Ironman loop. It is 7 miles to the point where I would enter the loop, exactly a 40 mile loop and another 7 back so 54 miles. I rode it hard out there but the wind was killing me. By the time I had some tail wind my legs were sore. It was my first ride with aerobars (used them a lot too) so my hamstrings are hurting. I think I need to raise my seat maybe a cm so I’ll be messing with that. Anyways, my time was 2:17 for the 40 mile loop. There are some places I can cut time (mile section of gravel where I can normally hammer) and hopefully my legs will feel better when I get used to the aerobars. That being said I think I can be on pace for a 6:30 bike split with 2 (2:15 loops) and an hour each way to the course during the race (16 miles). I guess bump that to 6:45 with a couple stops and lots of time for fluid and fuel intake. I’ll certainly be hoping for winds from the east or southeast on Ironman day.

Tuesday morning! Supposed to ride tonight, forecast for storms with hail and strong winds might have me in the pool instead.


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