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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I officially suck! Last night I did the TT’s at Blackhawk. I got DFL. I did beat two girls but lost to most of the girls too. I was trying to take it somewhat easy but I really had no choice as it felt impossible for me to go hard. I borrowed a full suspension bike from work and I hated it. It was just one of those days that everything went wrong, bad attitude, no legs, no lungs, bike issues, no talent, crash in front of me covering the whole trail, etc. It was also my first time riding full suspension. The bike was very twitchy, to the point that on one long climb it twitched back and forth until it threw me off. I think I also need to add air to the rear to stiffen it up as I couldn’t pedal it hard. It just robbed momentum and I couldn’t pedal it fast. I was able to get some air on it though! Can’t wait to get back on the hard tail. This photo was from last year, when I sucked less at the time trials but more in general.

Afterwards though was a blast! We hung out and although I didn’t eat much what I did eat was awesome! Later today is the Gun Show. It’s been a while (4 weeks) since I have been competitive there so I am guessing I’ll do my best just to hold on today.

Why wouldn’t they build a BMX track or some MTB obstacles at Blackhawk? They should have a small skills park on top.

Update: Saw this article this morning...some people clearly are on crak!!!


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