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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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It isn’t fair. Twinkie the Kid, Chester Cheetah? Kool Ade Man will get my vote probably, he is the best actual character although give the King a couple years…

With this ruling I am afraid to be a cyclist. Driver is inattentive and kills a cyclist. He’ll likely get off and not a community service misdemeanor on the record get off, 100% clean.

Gotta go to Iraq! Canadian Army here I come! :)

Congrats to Steve Sinclair on his hole in one last night. “Last night I got my first hole-in-one! It came on a 156 yard hole at Hollydale in Plymouth while golfing with my roommate. I babied a wedge in, and three bounces later a shot I urged to 'please be right' and to 'get down' found a home. Coming a day after running into Eddie Vedder, I think I'm going to play the Powerball Saturday.....”


  • The problem is people want to still be able to talk on their cell phones, do their makeup, eat their Big Macs -- all while driving -- and not have to worry whether they might hit some poor kid riding his bike down the road. Everyone one on that jury thinks, "I've zoned out while driving. What if that had been me?" So they can't convict. Morons. What if that's your kid? Do you really want to live in a world where talking to your best girlfriend about what Susie said that Missy said that Ditzy said about who Buck is taking to prom is more important than a girl's life? Where getting home 47 seconds earlier matters more than a child growing up with a mother, or a mother growing old with a daughter?

    I'd better go have a beer before I get upset and start ranting.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 6/30/2006 12:08 AM  

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