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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Tour Picks won’t get in-depth like the Tank but I like to throw something out there so you know who to watch for. All controversy aside (this year’s tour could be one of the biggest debacles ever) I am excited.

1. Ivan Basso- He can’t be stopped. He can’t even be contained this year. Is 10 minutes too much to ask?
2. Alejandro Valverde - He’ll just be the first pretender and can hang on after the Basso bloodbath
3. Jan Ullrich- Looks like he won’t get his fresh blood, thus he won’t be a contender. I am surprised I ranked him this high, but I think he can beat Floyd.
4. Floyd Landis- This is who I want to win. We’ve been instructed by the same cycling coach this year and I’ve seen him in person
5. Cadel Evans- A surprise pick? He is tough as hell!

George- 7th overall (Discovery is so strong that someone will be in the Top 7. It’ll be George.
Levi- DNF (someone has to DNF, Levi lays it down alot.)
Vino- DNF (will take a fall, figuratively but unfortunately, I hope he can ride the whole Tour)

Polkas- Cadel Evans- He is crazy and his nutrition will last over Rasmussen. Look out for Garzelli who as far as I know hasn’t even raced this season just to go for the jersey.

Green- Boonen One of the sprinters will finish…why not Boonen?
White- I am not a Euro dork so I can’t even predict this one…

Here is my list of approved cyclists to cheer for:
Any American, but particularly George and Floyd (two of the good guys). I don’t like Horner but if he can take a stage over some random I don’t know or care about more power to him.
I also cheer for Cadel and Vino.

Sometimes it is fun to watch Jan, I haven’t seen him dominate for years though but I would love to see Jan’s low cadence triumph over those ultra-lightweight spinners. Of course watching him agonize is fun as well, no matter what, having Jan around will be entertaining! What ever happened to Kloden?

I am guessing Rasmussen won’t put on a show like last year’s TT. Too bad, that was one of the biggest blow-ups I’ve ever seen!


  • i'm just guessing here, but i'm going to say Jan isn't going to win the tour. is anybody clean anymore?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/30/2006 5:58 AM  

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