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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!

Last night I got home from the practice crit and I really couldn’t eat much (I tried to eat some waffles but they weren’t treating me very well!) After that I just felt particularly crappy and got worse. I had a hard time sleeping and had the shivers all night. Looks like an 8am call to the doctor this morning!

So Baraboo was out for last night so I decided 72 hours of rest was enough and I was going to go to the practice crit. It probably wasn’t enough but such is life. I signed up and Brent noticed I had a lose crank! Guh! He tightened it up for me. I tried to warm up but I wasn’t feeling it. So the race (B’s) was off. The best I could do in the first half of the race was to just sit in towards the back. People kept attacking but no one was strong enough to get off by themselves and no one was organized to get off in a group. So I just sat in. By the second half of the race I was feeling a bit better and wasn’t worried about getting dropped. Finally we get to the last lap. I gained a few spots on each straightaway (pretty easy, everyone was giving up the wind side) and I settled into a wheel that I knew would sprint (about 3rd or 4th wheel around the last corner.) I waited very patiently for a short finishing kick and it turns out the people ahead of me gave me an easy lead-out and I took the win. It took my lungs forever to recover so I just lined up for the A race.

The A race went out slow, we did the practice lap and then the first lap didn’t get any faster. On lap 2 though the attacks kept rotating through but no one could get anything. But then on lap 3 there was a split in talent. About 10 guys just rode off and they were probably the best 10 in the race. They just got farther every lap. After that we just made laps for like 40 minutes. After about 10 minutes I felt strong and sat in the top 5 wheels most of the race. My plan (not sure what to do so I devised this all my self) was to sit in but not let anyone get away and hopefully Rybarik (teammate) could lap the field so Matt (easily the best rider left in our field) could try to lead him out. I kept looking back and not seeing anyone, the group must’ve not been working very well together. We were about to take the 1 to go when some guy goes flying by our group, race over we got lapped 100m from the end which for me was good because when I was setting myself up and chased back on after I dropped a chain off my front rings with two to go (which ended up being one to go) and almost took everyone down. I think I may have bent my big ring so I was afraid to spring anyways. I was pretty excited to hang in the A field. Actually my heart rates for both races was the same (173bpm avg) so the A race must’ve been slow, I am guessing Matt didn't even get a workout.

Looks like I am skipping the Blackhawk TT tonight, I am in rough shape and feel like crap (so I welcome all the rain!) Hopefully my doctor can help me out today so I’ll be ready for Eau Claire next week. Time to lay low for a bit.


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