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Monday, June 12, 2006

How could one day be so busy? Here were the things I was asked to do on Saturday:
-Go to Shiroma’s wedding
-Race state roads
-Race Kettles 12 hour race
-Go to the blessing ceremony for our god-daughter
-Go to Black River Falls for my grandma’s birthday
-Go to the Brewers game

Naturally (no offense to Shiroma, I wish I could’ve been there) we went to the blessing ceremony and had a great time! Isadora was beautiful in her dress and all of MJ and Andy’s friends and family are really awesome! Plus MJ’s brother brought his bulldog (Chubs) and he was hilarious! I started the day off with a couple hours of basketball and then some errands. We then went to the Farmer’s Market and then to get some Gelato. We rested for a bit and went to the blessing. After the blessing which ran pretty late we chilled at home.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I woke up and wanted to ride. But I was too lazy…that and the 25mph winds and 46 degree temps. Funny, three months ago that weather was balmy! So I instead read the paper. I also watched a movie called Surviving Christmas. I vaguely remember a preview around Christmas time but overlooked it. Wish I wouldn’t have…it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen lately and I loved it! It will probably become a Christmas tradition! After that, I told Jess that I had nothing to do that day so lets pick something and do it. I was hoping for something fun (mini golf or the zoo and Taco Bell would’ve been nice.) “Let’s build a patio so the dogs stop bringing in mud.” Uh, ok, I guess. Well I envisioned a 4X6 patio, Jess envisioned a 6X8. So we went to Menards. We bought tiles. 16”X16” tiles, 30 of them, 42lbs a piece…and 500lbs of sand. Now creating a patio isn’t easy. And our ground was far from level. We dug out the space and made it as level as possible (not really level at all) and then started installing tiles. It took us about 10 minutes per tile to level them out (after 2 hours of prep work) but we did pretty good. Then after about 8 tiles it started to suck, and leveling wasn’t easy. We finally got 12 tiles in before calling it quits. But I think we started on the more difficult side so hopefully it will be easier. Needless to say my back is sore today. After that we watched the end of Nascar and went to Chilis with her parents. Jess was cashed so I flipped on another Shotime movie, this one called The Perfect Man. I kind of liked that one too.

Oh yeah, I forgot Friday. We went right after work and watched Cars. That movie rocks and I highly recommend it. It was probably my third favorite Pixar movie behind the Toy Story duo and easily is a top 15 or so movie ever. I actually want to see it again!

Congrats to Shiroma who got married on Saturday! Jill rocks and I am sure you will have a great life together!

Last but not least, here’s a shout-out to the blog voyeurs out there! If you are reading this hit me with a reply so I know you are out there!


  • Oh, no - the open-ended question smackdown! You have so much to learn about marriage, my friend!

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 6/12/2006 10:08 AM  

  • I am out there.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 6/12/2006 2:03 PM  

  • thanks man. wish you could have been there. i'm still paying for the party today.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 6/12/2006 6:23 PM  

  • You Know I love to peak through the curtains of cyber-space

    By Anonymous kelson, at 6/13/2006 7:05 AM  

  • i'm keeping tabs

    By Anonymous joel, at 6/13/2006 7:44 AM  

  • I get the impression that Cars is the animated version of Doc Hollywood. The only bonus there is Owen Wislon, and you don't have to see Michael J. Fox and Julie Warner running around and peeing in the woods.

    By Blogger Riz, at 6/13/2006 8:00 AM  

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