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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Structured Training sucks! Last night we were too scared by rain to go to Baraboo. My genius (eq:stupid) ass said that instead we could do hill repeats on Observatory. So that’s what we did. Fortunately Jerry used a special trick to ward off rain…if I were cool I would’ve brought a camera to make fun of him even more but I didn’t so we’ll all have to wait until he does it again. Anyways, the first 4 ups (2 on each side) went pretty well as I was almost at a near puking level. Climb 5 was my best but at the top I got a side ache (another first for me.) But I was able to work it out (or so I thought.) Finally on ascent # 6 I couldn’t get my heart rate up above 190 where I wanted and the side ache came back strong. Guh! So that was enough for me. The side ache went away riding home and I didn’t puke so that was nice. Back to riding for fun and ride the unstructured but still structured group rides…

-Jess rode yesterday before work and her total weekly mileage was more than mine until last night.

-This link is awesome! I love Clay Aiken!

-Mountain bike time trials start tonight and if I can get my bike ready in time I’ll be there!

-Is anyone camping at 9-Mile? I’d like to ride on Saturday but if no one is going to camp I’ll have to reevaluate plans.

-Pacific Team is in jeopardy and then some guy cancelled our website! What a jerk! I have until the end of this week to consider my options.

-Got new saddle, post, headset and stem from Kore as they are a road team sponsor. I don’t know if I can use anything besides the stem though. It’s cool to get new stuff. Hoping my road wheels and tires will be here soon though.

-Mean people still suck!

-Jess got the kitchen half painted yesterday. The kitchen is now about 90% done considering everything Jess has done since we moved in…it looks awesome!

-For the first time in 2006 (probably) I got the final Jeopardy answer correct!


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