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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Monday I took it easy and did a nice 32 mile recovery ride. The legs felt good so it wasn’t too tough to push some good speed and keep the heart rate low. My legs weren’t wrecked from Sunday…I guess I can go at race pace for 30 minutes and still be good to go the next day. Monday evening I felt a cold starting to come on but such is life. Tuesday I was still holding off a cold. After a frustrating day at work and a short lunch ride it was time to head up to Baraboo for some more Shark ride action. The ride was a lot of fun! We hammered and then hammered some more (turns out there are some flat roads near there.) Of course after the hammerfest we hit the hills. We actually climbed on roads that went behind but to the top of two ski hills (Cascade and Devil’s Head.) We then paced in back into town for a 50 mile total. The A Class wheels were pretty sweet for cheap wheels. Some good eats and conversation later we were on the road. It’s pretty interesting to hear the philosophies of Jerry and Kelson, that’s for sure. But now I have a cold. Still nowhere near as bad as it could/should be so I am praying it stays that way. Wednesday is a rest day though…I’d like to get out for a Paoli loop if Jess is up for it but we’ll see. Thursday is the start of swimming season so that’ll be fun as well! Oh yeah I guess the lunch ride on Thursday is called the Gun Show and it is for points and blood…I hope to obtain both! Next year I hope to be in Iowa this weekend…but this year is L’Alp Bluez. I am going to get smoked…when the slopes get steep my speed goes down-disproportionately…but I am going to give it hell regardless. Oh yeah and there is already like 150 people preregistered for it, could be a 300 person race before all is said and done, insanity! One more thing…I’ve been logging some solo miles and I think Vault Soda is catching on. Vault Soda 20oz bottles have to be the #1 most littered product. #2 is the 24oz Budweiser Dale Jr Can, #3 is the 20oz Mt Dew and #4 is a medium soda cup from McDonalds. After that I couldn’t tell you although gel packets are probably up there along with Taco Bell cups. This is all based on segments of road in and directly south of Fitchburg. I wonder what Buzz Lightyear is doing right now?


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