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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Giro D’Italia is more than just my favorite Olive Garden dish…it’s also one of the toughest bike races in all of the world… Today’s race was crazy!!! Here are some highlights from the end courtesy of Cycling News:

16:38 CEST Engels leads the first chasing group, then Belli and Horriach.Oh dear, Sella and Morio crash into the barriers. Mori is worse off, but now he's back. They are passed by the chase group. Ouch, that hurt.
16:40 CEST 165km/6km to goThe leaders are now together again, with six riders. Amazing that Sella and Mori weren't hurt worse than that. Mori pulled his foot out first, then just brushed against the barrier, slipping down, Armstrong style, into the next bit of the descent. Sella hit the barrier full on, but got back and remounted, but didn't cut the course.Mori is still in front!
16:41 CEST Jeez, Mori crashes again with Sella. This is just not their day. Both of them are up again, chasing the remaining four. Mori crashed first again. These corners are really sharp.
16:46 CEST Four leaders coming up to 1 km to go and Engels attacks. But Baliani and the rest mark him. Mori and Sella are almost back on too.
16:46 CEST Horrach counters! Big attack, and that might be it.
16:47 CEST Horrach gets a 50m gap and the rest stop chasing. But now there are five in pursuit. Caisse d'Epargne scores!
16:47 CEST 171km/0km to goJoan Horrach celebrates as Engels takes second ahead of Sella, Mori, Baliani and Belli. Great finish.

So there you have it…insane!!! Not only do the two teammates (Sella and Baliani) have to be pissed that they lost everyone will be upset losing to a guy named Joan. Basso looks unstoppable, his lead should be solid enough even if he doesn’t have the best day on Stage 17. Man, I should go to the Olive Garden...


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