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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad Mechanical luck…continued…

I thought last week was bad but this week might be worse! I’ve went through 2 tubes (on 2 separate bikes) a rear wheel (road) and a Pearl Izumi bootie (right.) Yesterday I was out for a nice 1 hour recovery ride (I get antsy if I am inside too long) and bam…5 miles in…broken spoke! What a bummer. The wheel wasn’t very round anymore. I was able to detach the brake cable and then position the wheel in the drop out so it only slightly rubbed the frame on every revolution…I stood up to ease pressure on the wheel and then pedaled harder with my right leg to minimize the rub and didn’t coast. Got back to work and was unhappy. Add that to an extremely crappy work day and being tired all day and I was in a pretty bad mood. Such is life I guess. So most of yesterday was pretty forgettable. Today was a new day though…bike to work day! Stephen was trying to get a ride of all the Fitchburg, Verona and Mt Horeb people in to work. I decided it would be best to meet him in the Horeb so I rode to their house on the Military Ridge. Of course I flatted…but it was a gradual flat and I was only a mile from there house and I didn’t have a spare. I changed the tire at their house (my tire, tube and wheel are the original for the bike…meaning I could barely get the tire off and then the tube was pretty much bonded to the tire…took me a couple minutes just to peel the tube off.) We (Stephen, Emily, Ply and myself) rode to Verona and stopped at some coffee shop and met up with Julie had coffee (cookie) and rode in to work. Oh yeah, before I left I was zipping up my booties and the zipper fell off of one of them. Two months old. Oh well! It could be worse, I could be Kelson!

Volleyball tonight…rest day tomorrow, pre-ride Saturday and Alpine Valley on Sunday…it’s on!


  • i have had two flat tires this week and i've only riden 20 miles. maybe we should invest in a case of tubes.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 5/18/2006 10:40 AM  

  • I'm a little concerned about these creek crossings at Alpine Valley that I read about on the WORS message board. What if I get swept away by the current? Or worse, what if I get wet?

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 5/18/2006 11:39 AM  

  • I think your mechanical problems are a karmic backlash. You should really stop drag racing the neighborhood kids for pink slips. I really don't know what you're going to do with that sweet pink bike you took off the little girl last night.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 5/18/2006 3:08 PM  

  • Shiroma- You need to invest in new tires man!

    Brozek- Don't worry...they won't be creek crossings in our race...they'll turn into mud pits! :)

    Jerry- Don't be mad I won your wife's bike last night! I need to take action like that to become Fitchburg's winningest bike racer!

    By Blogger Burrito Eater, at 5/18/2006 5:41 PM  

  • You only wish you could beat my wife in a drag race.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 5/18/2006 11:07 PM  

  • You're right! Maybe if she had Kieran in a trailer behind the cruiser I could have a chance...

    By Blogger Burrito Eater, at 5/19/2006 7:35 AM  

  • WTF!!!!!!! You only wish you were me!!! Jess would totally kick your ass (both of them in fact) even with babies on board.

    By Anonymous Kelson, at 5/19/2006 7:43 AM  

  • the tires are brand new bontrager race lites. found pieces of glass in the tire both times. i'm switching to bontrager hardcases.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 5/19/2006 7:58 AM  

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