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Sunday, May 28, 2006

If only this were a road race and not a time trial it would be pretty sweet that I am leading all those guys.

L'Alp Bl'Huez = Fun!
10.1 miles/33:56, just over 1000 feet of vertical.

Special thanks to Melissa Brozek for driving sag and to Danny for this photo. Also thanks to Brozek and Jerry for riding out there with me.

Wow, Todd Wells is tough! What a crappy weekend.

I get 25 Coke points, if only I was drinking a coke

Here's a photo of me finishing on Thursday! Anyways, congrats to those who ran this weekend. Missy finished her first half and O'Donnell, Tank and Brooke looked great on Sunday despite mid-9os temps and crazy humidity. Indy 500 was crazy, Hornish is cool but an Andretti win would've been old school. Today was a chill day, got stuff done around the house and took it easy! Hope y'all had a great weekend!


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