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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hiya Everybody!

Yesterday was a jam packed good day. My new mechanic informed me that my rear mountain bike hub was shot. Bummer. So some quick thinking by Jess and I and the fact we had a friends and family bike sale going on helped. I bought a Mongoose Meteore Elite frameset. But the deal was, this came with everything but the drivetrain parts (shifters, crank and derailleurs and disc brakes.) But no worries, I got new wheels with tires, rotors and a nice cassette, a nice Rock Shox Tora Air fork, a sweet frame (in medium though) seat, seat post, stem and bars. I think I can turn a profit on the fork alone (coming soon to ebay) and we'll see about what Jess and I can do with the rest. So I get home just in time to get back in the car to see the movie The Break Up. It started kind of slow and had lots of cliches to it but such is life. The middle part was most excellent and entertaining. Not too much more detail however as the end not only sucked, but made me overall not like the movie that much. Before the end though it was highly recommended and I think everyone should check it out someday, it is still worthwhile. After that we hauled ass to Borders on University for the Mike Greenberg book signing. He was being interviewed on air for local ESPN radio when we got there. Then he spoke to us for a half hour and then signed books. Careful research by Jess got us to the front of the line when book signing time came...that's why I love her! :) For the record Mike likes Colin Cowherd as a person but doesn't know much about his show as (I find this funny) Colin's show isn't broadcast by the local station near ESPN. Afterwards we went to Noodles for some carboloading and came home. I wanted to work on bikes and Jess wanted to play Pandora's Box so it all worked out. I had to run into work to grab some stuff too. By 9:30pm I had a working mountain bike, a signed book, a full belly and a great night (unfortunately I turned on the Brewers game in time to catch two consecutive Rickie Weeks errors, 19 for the season, 6 ahead of the person with the second most errors.)

Today I am up early...going to pack for Wausau and get all ready so I can chill a bit before leaving. We are going to camp...should be interesting as always! Here's to hoping I can finish a mountain bike race intact!


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