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Friday, June 02, 2006

There is no shelter here…

OK, the title of the post has little to do with the content (probably, I haven’t wrote the content yet.) Hooray! I didn’t break any bike parts yesterday. I got my American Classic Hurricane wheels to work with my Scott frame…I just can’t run Michelin tires. Those wheels are so rigid, it is almost amazing. Which is good because I needed every inch of propulsion yesterday on the Gun Show ride at work. I got to wear the last week’s winner vest (blaze orange vest that has a gun on it and says “Green Piece”) and the bullet token (overall leader) as I somehow obtained the most points last week. I held on to both luckily. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday but all three places to obtain points came down to sprints (my forte) and I used tactics and power to keep me near the front and finish everyone off.

Last night was volleyball. After dominating game one, we ran into some hot serving (scoring 5-8 points at a time) and couldn’t win another. We played pretty well and once we figure out how to return difficult serves I think we will be rocking. Fortunately we have some good servers on our team too so we can go on similar streaks. Afterwards we went to Monte’s in Verona. 1 word, “overrated.” The sandwich I had lacked, size, substance and flavor. The fries weren’t great either. The menu was less than intriguing and the prices weren’t good either. No offense Riz, your burger looked good but pricey. I think next time we’ll have to hit the Culvers or the Michaels, I know Jess, Tad and Hez like it and I assume Riz and Kari do as well. On the plus side it was a lot of fun to hang out with these guys…it kind of feels like we’ve been growing apart with everyone being stressed at their jobs and having separate or new hobbies this summer.

Unfortunately the reemergence of my Hurricane wheels results in a reemergence of the Carolina Hurricanes as they beat my beloved Buffalo Sabres. Actually I only care minimally, the Sabres are my favorite hockey team but maybe my 15th favorite pro sports franchise.

Todays menu? Still nursing a bit of a cold, hanging with Jess, The Break Up movie, Mike Greenberg book signing (perhaps), Pizza Hut or something, 5 star sudoku, Getting my mountain bike fixed by the best mechanic on the block and 9 Hours of work.


  • It's an honor to wrench for the second fastest NORBA racer in the entire zip code.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 6/02/2006 11:18 AM  

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