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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday was kind of blah! All I could manage was a quick 15 mile ride on Monday at lunch (and basketball in the AM.) I got up Tuesday and didn’t feel very spectacular. I was kind of tired which to me was kind of odd. I wanted to ride at lunch to stretch the legs but I felt I needed some relax time so I went home. I watched two episodes of a show on MTV called Parental Control. It was probably the worst made show ever…it was hilarious in one of those pathetic sort of ways but I would so watch it again. Anyways, I got home and got ready to go to Baraboo. I still felt off so I brought some extra water and drank as much as I could up there. We got on the bike and I felt pretty decent. We went through Devil’s Lake State Park and Jerry and Ryan attacked and all I could do is watch. After that I was getting pretty warmed up but for some reason my sprint didn’t feel as fast as normal so I was kind of frustrated. Looking back though the sprints were longer than normal and Jerry would start everything early forcing a hard chase and then a sprint and my legs just couldn’t hold it. We went through Merrimac and then up the back side of Cascade Mountain and I still couldn’t get the speed I wanted. After that we (Ryan, Jerry and I) split because Jerry is an ass and wanted more climbing. We did some random climb towards Devil’s Head, then went to Devil’s Head and climbed up to the towers (almost 700 feet.) At this point I was more just going to try and get up and speed wasn’t an issue. I actually felt good on that last climb but once we descended and I aero tucked my legs turned to stone (not to self, limit aero tucks towards the last half of the HHH) and I just hung on the best I could back to Baraboo (it was dark at this point as well.) We got back to the house at 9:10…58 miles, almost 4000 feet of elevation and 3:15 of riding time. Oh well, there were brats, chips & salsa and fresh fruit waiting for us which was awesome! I so want to bring something to help out but I have no idea what since they are all into nice homemade stuff and homemade to me is like Hamburger Helper. I guess I’ll have to bring some wine one of these days. Anyways, we didn’t leave until 10:20 and I wasn’t home until 11:15 and in bed by 11:45.

The highlight of my day was when I got home and opened the garage. The stack of 18 stone plates was down to 4 as Jess almost finished off the rest of the patio all by herself. On top of that she cooked dinner for herself and reinstalled the lattice under the deck so the dogs wouldn’t go under. Not sure what the reason for her huge productivity output last night but it sure was appreciated! Ugh, Wednesday sure won’t be kind to me!!! It’s early and I am tired…blah!


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