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Friday, June 23, 2006

So I was reading a baseball blog and got depressed. I used to love baseball. I could recite the starting line-up of most teams, I knew who the stars were, who the hot rookies were, who could hit for average, how hit for power, what year someone’s rookie card was, etc. Now the baseball news leads with derogatory slurs, HGH, and ‘roids and players now all hit for power and average. And the best slugger in baseball hardly even gets to swing his bat. The only redeeming qualities of baseball are the history of the sport and going to new ball parks or Miller Park in person. There is a lot more too it but this is not a baseball blog. One final point Bud Selig is the second worst person in sports and the first if you exclude a certain commissioner of a certain league whose finals just ended.

In other things that suck news we won all three games by forfeit in volleyball last night. The other team just didn’t feel like showing up.

Finally to finish off the suckiness trifecta this weekend is Russ’ bachelor party. Why does this suck? It doesn’t suck per say, just the person it’s being thrown for has been known to suck. Russ and I were best of friends but for the past 6 months I’ve seen him twice while he was moving and heard from him maybe one other time. Basically he is whipped. Everyone is whipped to an extent and I am guilty too but some people need to learn balance, especially after a year, and Russ is by far the worst one. For example, when he moved to Ohio we through him a nice going away party. Well he spent over an hour on two separate phone calls with his wife-to-be and texted her the rest of the evening, we barely held his attention at any point. We’ve gotten two pieces of mail from him, neither had as little as a hi or a thanks on it, they just contained what it needed. He hasn’t e-mailed or read my blog at all (he used to e-mail me all the time.) I understand having a fiancée and being busy but it doesn’t take long to check in and show you care a little especially with some of the big life changes I’ve had in the new year. I tried for a couple months on my end but after awhile you feel almost unwanted you know? I love you Russ, you’re my boy, but I’d love to see a little more love this way, you know?

Holy crap, a whole post having nothing to do about bikes…you knew I was going to blow it though. A week from today Brent the Tank’s Annual Tour De France picks will be posted on his blog. I believe this will be his 20th anniversary year so he’ll pull out all of his A material. This is guaranteed to be the must-read of the year! Excerpts from last year:
“1. Jan Ulrich- T-Mobile. There I said it, Jan will win, and he is by far the most complete cyclist out there racing today. But if my boy Jan fails to win I will not pick him next year. There, I said that too.”
“Which team will be the most decimated by the end of the race and have the fewest finishers:
Domina Vacanze. Not as funny to say as RAGT Semences, last year’s rag-tag pick but they sure have ugly jerseys.”
“Who will be the Lantern Rouge?
Matthieu Sprick- Bouygues Telecom. If the French can’t win their own race since Hinault beat LeMond in 1985 well then at least they can finish last. This was my one saving grace pick last year because the guy I picked finished 3rd from last. And like last year I have no idea who this guy is.”

And he had an even better quote in 2004 about a dog and Mario Cipollini and an ex-girlfriend…but that is for him to share! Here’s to 2006, I’ll also try to add my predictions to my blog and if you have predictions I’ll post them as well, we’ll see who does the best. And if you have questions for Brent the Tour Expert I will relay them to him, he’ll answer (almost) all!


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