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Monday, June 26, 2006

The weekend has come and gone…didn’t really feel like a weekend at all which kind of sucked! We got out of work early on Friday and we came home and finished cleaning up the house. Of course our guests were delayed but my brother and family got there just in time to head down to JT Whitneys for supper! We had some good eats and good time!

Riz was there!

I bet Barry $2 he couldn’t eat a large bowl of cole slaw in 1 minute, we then upper it to 2 minutes (without stopping minimally) and he did it in like 86 seconds.

It was then back to our house for some euchre and karaoke and Boggle. A good time was had by all but I certainly didn’t get enough sleep, after 4 hours the dogs were whining because it is 5:30 and I am usually up. Well I got up and went to the couch downstairs only to try and watch Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo. That put me asleep for another hour. I still couldn’t eat much. People got up and Larkin and I played some cribbage (I just can’t beat him, I must now suck at cribbage.) We got ready and then to Qdoba late. We got to Pirates Cove after that and played some mini golf. 11 people, $10 to the winner, $1 to the loser, Riz and I were both in the money, any guess who did what?

After that we headed to the northern Dells for some parasail action. I basically sat and chilled and watched as the two Russ’ went and 4 others rode in the boat. After that we headed home. Got home and hit the liquor store to stock up for the evening and then went to Hooters. Hooters was actually a fun time as well. They have a back game room and since no one goes to Hooters anymore we had that to ourselves. We played pool and darts and everything! It may be the last time I get to Madison Hooters as I am guessing it won’t be there all that much longer, 6:30-9pm on a Saturday night=dead! We headed back to my house and were playing some awesome drinking games. After a game or two we subbed Russ’ beer for a Mad Dog. Then he got insane and just started taking 5 second pulls on it and in about 20 minutes he had half the bottle down! Then the party took a turn downhill as we headed downtown to the bars. When we arrived at the Red Shed it was 10:45 or so and the bad omens began as less than a minute after sitting down Paradise by the Dashboard Light came on for 20 minutes of agony. By then Russ finally showed up and the car ride down didn’t treat him good and he sat with his head on his hands refusing to get going again. We sat there and did a whole lot of nothing (I was DD) as everyone was frustrated that Russ was pretty much done. Finally Russ puked, right on the table in two glasses. He then was kicked out. At the same time the rain came. A couple of us went out to check on Russ and he felt much better but his night was pretty much over. After everyone finished their long islands we headed to Brats. Brats was pretty much the same, we holed up into a corner until someone puked (this time Russ’ cousin Allen) and then it was done. One Taco Bell trip later we get home and I am in bed around 1am.

Woke up Sunday morning (late=8am) and read the paper and watched the hour of Deuce Bigalow I missed the day before. After that I threw in some Hitch and saw half of it until the Russ’ stopped over. They were both doing well and heading back to Columbus. I then went over to talk to Jerry about his 6-hour win the day before and then back to my house and all of a sudden I was alone. Larkin and crew went downtown, Jess to Spring Green with her dad and it was just me. I turned on yet another movie called She’s the One. Pretty random actually, too bad I missed the first 20 minutes and then some random 20 minute chunk in the middle, I’ll have to check it out again. Jess got home in time to watch Nascar so we did that, got a call from Larkin about meeting at Dotty’s at 6:30, hung out there for a couple hours, back home, chill and then bed time. That is my weekend. A good time but seemed way too short!

I am pissed at Blogger and I'll try to add photos tonight if I get a chance...lunch update-I hope they are here now! :)


  • Mark always sucked at cribbage. Why wasn't the Boggle result posted? That seems to be posted when Mark does well.

    Nice pix. I will send some sometime (probably when I get back to Seattle).

    By Anonymous Larkin, at 6/26/2006 11:55 PM  

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