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Friday, July 07, 2006

Lots o’ random stuff:

-Dinner is served: we met with the caterer and agreed upon some Pot Roast, Chicken Kiev and Mushroom Alfredo for our wedding.
-Jess got her wedding dress, she claims she loves it!
-Yesterday on the Gun Show ride a nameless rider who I spend half the ride trying not to ride near crashed on a fast, straight uphill. I was trying to pass the group on the right but all of a sudden he just fell and took out me and another guy. He broke most of his bike (fork, both wheels, pedals and who knows what else) and I broke my rear wheel (and burned a skid hole into my tire.) He was banged up pretty bad (lots of cuts and road rash) and I have my share of road rash (hand, hip mostly, the stuff on my knee and elbow are almost gone). The other guy was able to continue after adjusting his stem and he escaped most injury by landing on me. I actually rode over the fallen rider and his bike before going down and someone ran over my rear wheel and stayed up. It sucked!
-My streak of never laying down my road bike is over. I have probably done over 60 road races/crits in my life and ridden close to 20000 miles until that point without wrecking.
-Jelly Belly Pro Nick Reistad was on our ride yesterday too, he kept it upright though.
-Rode Quarry Ridge last night. My last 3 laps were clean, no dabs, even in that extremely difficult sandy uphill. 1.4 mile loops, really fun singletrack, but after about 30-45 minutes it starts to get old.
-Yesterday I ate no meat. Totally vegetarian! Mostly by chance. And certainly not in a nutritious salad and sprouts sort of way
-0-3 in volleyball last night but we played 2 games tough against what I think the was the best team I’ve played against this year
-The opposing volleyball team had a fellow Rice Laker on it. Tina Scheiffer. She is a year younger than me and has lived in Madison for the past 3 years. We talked a bit (probably more than I’ve ever actually talked to her in my whole life) and she is very nice! She’s pretty good at volleyball too!
-My dad retired on Monday. It was pretty unceremonious (he has only one other guy in his office who is pretty darn boring) but I guess there was surprise party for him last Sunday so that was cool!
-Jess’ sister is moving to Indiana (from Conn) this weekend. It will be nice to have her closer (and living in a town with a Waffle House and White Castle.) Little 500 here I come!
-The Beav is having some foot surgery today. His recovery? To go to a couple Brewers games. Everyone wins and Jess and I are getting picked up after work to go with to tonight’s game! It’s a routine surgery I guess, not exactly sure on the specifics.

Weekend includes Brewer game, farmers market, Gelato, long bike ride and hopefully some buffalo wings…


  • Way to run over the unknown guy. That's my favorite thing to do in group rides, you gotta keep them things exclusive

    By Anonymous Kelson, at 7/08/2006 7:27 AM  

  • and yet i remain unable still to run over kelson's ass and get rid of him...

    By Anonymous jerry, at 7/08/2006 10:20 PM  

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