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Monday, July 10, 2006

So Friday after work my parents met us at our house and we headed to the Brewers game. Guh! It was boring and there were way too many Cub fans. 7-2 they lost but it wasn’t that exciting. And I lost a dollar on the sausage race because the Polish sausage had to go ahead and win and of course someone named Smulka would pick the Polish. At least I had cheesy fries in a helmet, 6 dollars of love right there! It was fun though, we had a good time hanging with the family, only the game itself was disappointing. At least the Beav’s surgery went well so he could walk around (while wearing some crazy boot.)

Saturday I played some hoops on 4-1/2 hours of sleep. I played pretty well even and felt good. We then went to the Farmers Market which decided to barely exist because of the Art Fair on the Square. So no pumpkin bars for Jess…at least I got the perfect loaf of Stella’s Spicy Cheese Bread. Lasted about 5 minutes! We then headed to get some Gelato (is there anything better?)but they were out of my favorite flavor. At least all flavors are awesome so no worries there. After going to a couple grocery stores so my mom could acquire some regional delicacies we headed to the electronics store to educate my dad in HD-TV’s. I suggested some models. He then said he wanted this Sony that I overlooked, I checked it out and it was perfect. Turns out he knows as much as I do about them and knows what he wants. But it was fun to look at TVs since the only thing I buy now is bike stuff. We went home and watched the Tour. They left to go to another Brewer game (3-1 loss, guh) and we chilled out. I watched a movie that was the sequel to the Christmas Story but in the summer. Random, but entertaining. Watched some Nascar Busch Series (and the back of my eye lids) and put my road bike back together. Then to some Tumbleweed for a Platter of Heaven and Jess made us go to TCBY for some yogurt. Afterwards I watched Jerry fix a bike (aka drink a beer) and then I chilled at home with Jess. Some point later my parents came home (we were already asleep) and that was my Saturday. Sunday will have to wait for another post…


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