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Monday, July 24, 2006

What to say? I don’t have much. Life hasn’t been exciting lately, seems like I am spending more time resting than anything else. Not anymore though. Ironman training is back on, full-swing. Yesterday I had my longest ever swim session and I am gaining swimming confidence every day. The joints will begin the repounding today as I put my running legs back under me. Cycling training will increase to include one longer ride each week but will mostly stay the same. The aero bars are mounted and the seat is moved up. I am also hoping to improve my training diet hoping to drop a few pounds and add a bit of muscle. With my mountain bike season being toast I have nothing to stop me from feeling more comfortable in the Ironman.

TV is declining, no more Tour to watch so I’ll be watching some movies. Jess and I watched the whole first season of the Office (only a 150 minute feat) this weekend. How ‘bout Floyd? That TT was awesome for the hour that the leaders were riding. The first two hours gives cycling a bad rap. I mean is watching Sebastian Lang ride a TT to become among the early leaders enjoyable for anyone?

Played some games on Saturday night. It was fun! Lots of Oh Hell and Blockus. I am sucking more and more at Boggle though, seems like I am barely even a competitor any more. Not that I was good or even decent before but I am not good now. I think I need to work on my concentration skills and my vocab could use a refresher. I did knock down a Rush Hour Expansion pack in about 2 hours this weekend. Found some new stores to try as well including a place with $1.50 tamales (2 minutes after eating lunch which sucks)…could be legendary.

Oh yeah I just read that Viatcheslav Ekimov is retiring in September. The end of an era for sure, he is one of my favorites of all-time. I loved watching him race against Lance in the Tour Du Pont, it felt a lot like American Flyers. He will be a team director at Discovery Channel next year so he'll still be around. I wouldn't rule out him starting some races even...

Have a great Monday!


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