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Monday, July 31, 2006

So this weekend went especially fast. Almost like it was a day shorter than normal. Probably because everything got pushed back a day. My cheeseburger got pushed to Saturday and Kettles got pushed to Sunday. Both good ideas!

Friday: After a day of work I was cashed. Went home and took an hour nap. Awoke and decided I didn’t have time to do a burger justice so instead we went to Cousins and also bought Blockus Trigon. Went over to Dean’s place to play poker. Good turnout and even Jordan showed up! Awesome! I lasted an hour or so before going out. There were three tables and our table was good (lots of friends and got to play next to Jess) except for some dude who was either on his cell phone or trying to tell people how to play. I hate people like that. Afterward we played some Trigon. It was a blast! Jess is the Trigon master however.
Saturday: After less than 6 hours of sleep I got up and played basketball. I was worried at first because we only had like 6 guys. But before we knew it we had 11 and it was on. Played for over 2 hours and I never sat out so quite the workout. I sped home as we were to leave for the Kettles at 9am. Wow that was going to suck and neither Jess and I wanted to go (hot and humid and both super tired and big plans for Saturday night.) Much to my relief I didn’t see Jerry getting ready either and soon he had stopped over to postpone it until Sunday! Perfect! Had some breakfast and then we watch Clerks (the first one) and we both loved it! We finally got the cheeseburger I wanted, the Philly Cheesesteak Burger at Hardee’s. Perfect! Actually the cheesesteak was so good the burger itself wasn’t necessary and just toned down the cheesesteak. But I was impressed! Got home to take another nap but instead I ended up watching a crazy movie called Employee of the Month. If you have a chance, see it. It is a little slow in the beginning and middle but so worth it for the ending sequence. We watch some triathlons (NBC had 2:30 of afternoon coverage on two tris, Alctaraz and same day of the Minnesota Fitness something.) We also got ready and her parents picked us up for some Fireside/Evita action. The food was good, the play was great and the company was awesome! Had some chicken and ribs as part of my 5 course meal. Of course watching a musical afterward is tough but Evita was short, excellent and we were in the second row. We got home and crashed.
Sunday- Got up and read the paper and got ready for Kettles. At 8:30 it was super dark and windy. We didn’t get rain but once we left we could see it rained. In fact we left 15 minutes late because the road to Kettles was in a severe T-storm warning with hail and 60mph winds. Should we go? Of course we should. Get to Kettles and it was cool. Looked like it wasn’t a matter of if it would rain but when. We rode out to the connector and rode it and back. Get back to the connector corner and there are cops and ambulances everywhere. Oh no, did someone hit a biker? Turns out some old lady missed a corner and her car went deep into the woods. She seemed okish considering. Rode out the blue loop, regrouped at camp and rode another blue loop (the Jess’ rode the white loop.) Then we were done. I have a photo from the trip there so I’ll post it someday, quite the photo. Cleaned up, went out to eat, came home, watched some tube, did some laundry, ate some cookies, went to bed.
Monday- It’s Monday morning and I am still tired. I now have 6 myspace friends! I have no clue how it works though… Find me if you can or at least let me know if you have one too!


  • Blockus Trigon - I can't wait to play.

    Mark is fast (&) rides very hard.

    So I cheated a little... it's late.

    By Blogger Hez, at 8/02/2006 11:38 PM  

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