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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Friday after work we finally went...Snakes on a Plane! I was pretty sure I'd hate it. Turns out I was incorrect. It wasn't really scary at all, instead it was pretty funny, kind of cheesy and so unoriginal it was well...original! It was pure entertainment! After that we went to Uno's with Riz and Kari and played a couple games of Trigon. Good times!

Saturday- Bike Ride. It was pretty lame the first hour, so we (Jerry and I) ditched off and did some hills and intervals. It's always nice to ride through New Glarus. Ended up at about 50 miles in 2:50. Took the dogs to the park, worked on bikes and got the Tux stuff together for our wedding. Didn't really do much else.

Sunday- Woke up and did an 11 mile run. Pace was real good and the body felt great and still does. Weird. After that we went to the dog park. We wanted to see if Chili could swim. We went to Indian Lake. Big mistake. Water was green and dogs needed to be on a leash. Chili kind of waded and then once he actually jumped in. Hated it and he could touch so we didn't know. We then went to another park, corner of Hwy M and 113. Much better. Chili still didn't like the water so I kind of pushed him in. It was a pretty steep dock. It appeared he could indeed swim. Popeye accidentally fell in as well, but he swims like a champ! After and hour of running and Chili going into the beach on his own we came back to the dock. This time I just picked him up and tossed him in. He didn't like it much but he still swam and didn't hate it as much as we thought. Before long he'll swim on his own...we have to hit that park a couple more times before fall. Boring Sunday afternoon planned, should be nice! :)


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