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Friday, August 18, 2006

The AC is back in action. After Jess tried a list of common troubleshooting at lunch it appeared our AC was down for the count. Actually we thought it was more the furnace blower fan that was out. So we got home from work and talked about what we should do. Finally I decided to try some fuses but nothing worked. We took the thing apart. We found an LED light that blinks in a numeric morse code. We found that our error code was code 24, which is a short in the secondary electrical wiring. Crap. What does that mean? Jess went upstairs and found a sheet of what to do if you get a 24. Of course you needed to be electrically competent to do the stuff. Finally we look at the scheme and I see something called a 3amp fuse which was under this box. We look and finally found it, take it out…blown! $2.39 for 5 fuses at Ace later, we were back in business. I didn’t realize the whole system had 5 different fuses of 4 different types. Stupid hidden fuse. So when your electronics don’t work, take them apart and check the fuse!

One the first Gun Show sprint, lost the final by about 2 feet. Missed volleyball due to rain so instead worked on the AC and cleaning the house and eating fresh corn on the cob!

Snakes on a Plane? Still not sure if Jess was serious about going or not…but

J.Bro said I shouldn’t go, we have opposite views on movies, thus I should go. And Larkin pointed out there is some Snakes on a Sudoku so I don’t want to be a poser when I buy that book. But in my defense, Snakes on a Plane is not a “Mark Movie” like some seem to think. I am not a big horror movie fan and I detest snakes in general. Accepted is more my speed.


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