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Friday, August 25, 2006


Life here is going pretty good leading up to the Ironman. I've got a new project to work on while I taper and rest for the Ironman. I'll post pictures of it lately. I've got some other things to check into as well so life certainly won't be slow once the Ironman is done!

Last night was the Aquathon. After scoring 4 of 5 points in the Gun Show earlier in the day I was ready for some swim and run action. For the first time I got my wetsuit on without assitance. I went and swam the course before the event started and I swam strong. So Aquathon starts and I am right at the front. I thought it would be smart so I wouldn't get kicked but people are cutthroat and I got friggin dunked as some dude swam over me. This was like a childhood fear relived! I resurfaced and kept going, and swam pretty strong, 16 something for the 1k swim. My transition sucked, 1:40 or something, :40 to :60 slower than most. I ran hard to catch people though and ended up running the 5k in 25:01. Which is pretty good after all I had been through that day. So 42 something was my time. Of course I think I can drop 2 minutes pretty easily but I won't get to find out, it is my last one this season!

Tonight- Movie (Little Miss Sunshine)
Tomorrow- State Crit Champs, Bristol Nascar Race
Sunday- Devil's Head race

After working this coming Monday I'll have the next 3 off from work...sweet! Happy weekend!!!


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