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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Theme Parks!-In true Blogger fashion I can't upload photos!!! Poop!

Tuesday was the busiest day of all! We had planned to do two Disney parks but instead knocked out three!!! It was totally dead, we could barely wait in line if we wanted. At Magic Kingdom we waited twice, once for 5 minutes and once for 10 minutes. We got on everything, many multiple times (Space & Splash: 3 times, Thunder & Buzz: 2 times) and knocked out so many others: Pirates, Small World, Pooh, Stitch, TTA, Carousel, Haunted Mansion. What a morning. We left at lunch time and hit some Checkers (and Subway for Jess) and headed to Animal Kingdom. We did Everest twice with about a 5 minute wait each time. It was pretty sweet and worth the wait (it wasn’t open last year yet.) It then started to pour so we did some indoor Bug’s Life and headed to MGM. Animal Kingdom is pretty lame in actuality and we had Busch Gardens the next day. At MGM we did Tower Of Terror Twice and Rock N Roller once. We then hit the rest of the park (movie ride, muppets, Honey I Shrunk, etc) and it started to rain. One more Tower of Terror and we called it a day as the rain increased. We didn’t miss anything I loved (there are a couple more that would have been decent to do) and still had time to spare! But it was time to rest up for Wednesday.

Wednesday was Busch Gardens. I haven’t been there for a long time, since 1998. It was pouring all morning, we get 5 minutes from the park and the sky just opened up, beautiful day! Park opened at 9 but all the rides were still closed. Not a good start. We found a ride at 9:15 called Rhino Rally, it was pimp and even brought us within 5 feet of a Zebra. At 9:30 everything opened and we headed to Kumba. What a great coaster, twice in a row. Then to the premier thrill ride, Sheikra which is new this year. No line. We sat in front. There are three rows of 8 and we were in the front corner so we weren’t even over the track. This coaster has a 200ft drop at a 90deg angle and is the only coaster of it’s type in the US. Of course you think you are about to drop and it stops so you sit and overlook the drop for 5 seconds. Insane! Then you fly through the water. I ended up doing it 4 times, twice more than Jess. The rest of the day was spent doing two other coasters (Montu is excellent) and seeing and getting close to tons of animals. It was the perfect time to go, they had a 2 week old Hippo baby. They don’t even know the sex yet as it is too dangerous to get close to it. There was also a Rhino baby and Gorilla baby. We even went to the VIP Brewmaster club and sampled beer and cheese and stuff. I got to try 9 different, Jess tried maybe 5. Only one or two might make a worthwhile purchase some day. Headed back to town and rocked some Jungle Jims…

Thursday is my favorite park in the world (even better than Cedar Point,) Epcot. We rocked everything there as well, Soarin’ 3 times, Test Track twice and everything else once, missing only five attractions of a total of about 25 and most of those are lame (15 minute film on the history of China for example.) We were pretty tired in the late afternoon so we called it an early day and headed back to watch the Office! What a crazy show! I can’t wait until Thursday already!!!


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