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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Signing in from the copper cup in Bloomington, IN. The Waffle House down here is a fake but the mountain biking is for real although my seat skewer doesn't belong on a bike and will no longer work on bikes. Fortunately it broke with 1/4 mile of trail left, unfortunately we climbed over 250 feet in that quarter mile and then a 6 mile road ride totally ghetto... 6 sliders...yum! Two deflated air matresses...guh! 2 trails on a fall day. Oh yeah, Brown County will be among the next IMBA Epic rides.

Today we go to the UW/Indiana game...should be a great time! Go Badgers! Long drive home and then Badger Cross tomorrow. Ultimately I'd like a Top 20. With my perfectly working bike, road legs, and awesome travel diet it should be no problem! :) Actually my bike will probably work good, I can't speak for anything else though. Although we aren't in Wisconsin so I probably won't down like 7 brats or anything.

Well I've got like 14 minutes of battery power left and I have to buy some stupid crap on Ebay probably...


  • I can't believe you'd be dissing your mechanic like that.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 9/30/2006 8:23 AM  

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