The Waffle House Chronicles...

Monday, January 07, 2008


Furniture shopping really sucks. We went yesterday trying to find the perfect stand for our new TV. Except the perfect stand doesn’t exist. We don’t even know what we want but many less than perfect stands cost way too much. So we spent a couple hours basically seeing all the crappy things out there. Good times! We’d like to wall mount it but we like change and rearrangement too much. We’ll probably just buy something cheap and roll with it until we get bored with it. In TV reception news, it looks more and more like Dish network will win our business. Just have to take the time to get it all done.

Today the Wisconsin State Journal started a new format. Not normally big news, but when the reformat allows more room for puzzles and they add Boggle, well that’s something I can write about. They now have the best crosswords (on weekdays), the best Sudoku (especially Fri-Sun) and now Boggle. Life is good.

Weekend was laid back. Didn’t do much, played some games and cards on Saturday night with friends. Went to the dog park each day. Watched some football. Messed around on Facebook (some of you still should get facebook accounts, it’s so much fun.) Cleaned the house and then messed it back up.

This could be cool! Can't wait to check that out.

We are 1-0 in city league basketball. We beat a team that I know beat us last year, so that's pretty sweet. It appears we should be pretty decent.