The Waffle House Chronicles...

Friday, December 09, 2005

I officially don’t want to be at work anymore. This differs from most days which I unofficially don’t want to be here. I hate when I have to fix problems caused by other people, but such is life. My body feels really good for tomorrow’s run but I feel tired…I might even crack open a Pepsi or something to get me through until lunch time.

Popeye is home and resting. He has a 3 inch wound near his anus that must really suck. But we are hoping that it sucks less than having cancer! He has severe decay in almost all of his teeth, do they make doggy dentures? Anyways, he’ll be hobbling for a week or so and eating soft food and then should be back to about normal.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll try to recap the Jinglebell Run for y’all! Go Badgers!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coming to a Brewers game near you!!! This Guy!
Only with a crappier, unsigned jersey!

The Rule of Favre....Immortalized!!! I only hope the Favre legacy lives on and the jerseys keep a comin'!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So, Russ moves away on Friday. Wow does that suck! 6 months ago he didn’t know Angie. In June they met, got engaged around Labor Day and now he moves in with her in December, crazy! He starts a new job on Monday down there (similar to what he is doing now.) Not sure what my relationship will be like with him now that he is in Columbus (heck, I’ve hardly got to talk to him at all in the past 6 months) but I hope he still keeps me posted on life and everything! We’ve had a good 10 year run in Madison (for the most part) and I am sad that it is coming to an end. I’ll remember the 50mph U-Turns, the trips to the Party Port in the Wagon, the nights at Ho Chunk, the night at Wandos (even though you don’t,) the fantasy football, the video games, the various stages of being a roommate, the signs, the Branch, the road trips, the Taco Bell, the Jolly Green Russ, the card shows, the two-fours, the Mountain Dew Caps, the sevensies, the Letting out of the dogs, the Sega Channel and most everything from our run. Russell, good luck in Columbus! Keep things real and true…be yourself always!

I expect you all to post some love and hate for Russ! He deserves both!

Wow, 4 replies about Kirk Cameron and none about poor cancerous Popeye…whod’ve thunk! I mean everyone loves Kirk Cameron…but no love for the Popeye?

Anyways, Popeye has his surgery tomorrow. It should be routine and hopefully everything will be better!

Not much going on here, mid-week! Jinglebell run on Saturday morning should be fun! I am hoping to break an hour again with an ultimate goal of 55 minutes (anything under 58 would be a victory to me!) With a high of 32 it should be another balmy day for a run! Hopefully it will be less windy than the Berbee Derby.

Right now I am just living the calm before the storm. Next weekend is a couple parties (Pacific Cycle Xmas, Koebs Grad) and the weekend after that is a whole buttload of Christmas action. Follow that up with a New Years weekend of partying and football and then my birthday weekend and we are almost to Nascar season! I am diligently Christmas shopping (not really) but I really need to get down to State St to shop. Hopefully I can con Jess into it after the Jinglebell Run or something.

Monday, December 05, 2005

What’s weighs less: Our puppy or my new bike? I got the Scott bike done last week with the help of Chuck. I assembled everything myself, I had Chuck tune up the brakes and shifting. Of course tons of snowfall and cold temps have put the maiden voyage on hold…likely for several months. Can’t wait to try it out though!

Oh yeah, to answer the question, my bike weighs approximately 17.8lbs, Chili weighs approximately 18.2lbs. So the bike is lighter! Both will gain a little weight, my bike will add bottle cages and a computer and Chili will eat more food! Also our Boston Terrier (Popeye) weighs more than my mountain bike. Popeye weighs in at 26.5, the mountain bike complete was 23.2 (see below in the snow picture,) my heavier wheels now probably have it around 24.0-24.5.

Saturday we went out and cut our X-Mas Tree. Jess’ parents and us searched far and wide for the perfect tree. We found an awesome 10 footer to put in our 8 foot space. Actually the bottom of the 10 footer was crap so we cut off a couple feet and hope it will be awesome! We haven’t put it in the house yet but will tonight! It is a fine looking tree though; perhaps I’ll post some photos when it is all geeked out. We sure had a fun time in all the snow though!

Chili is growing about 1.5lbs a week. Check out this photo! If you make weird sounds he tilts his head. What a cute puppy!