The Waffle House Chronicles...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


So Team Pacific is getting a little national recognition!

Team rider Eric Michaels is featured in this weeks Velo News photo contest. Try this photo: Right here. You have to search the pictures, it is on the bottom right corner, the blog won't let me post the actual link. Ok he is in the background but still pretty sweet!

Add that to already famous photographer J.Bro from last month. Although no bikes or riders are in this photo is proves that our riders have talent beyond the bike!

Mountain biking rocks and for those who don't ride or don't ride enough you really are missing out on some good times!

Baseball Predictions!

Playoffs start today and I know most if not all of you could care less. But here are my predicitions:
Cards over Padres 3-1
Astros over Braves 3-2
Angels over Yankees 3-2
Red Sox over White Sox 3-2

Astros over Cards 4-3
Angels over Red Sox 4-2

Angels over Astros 4-1, Angels as World Champs! Now you don't have to watch baseball this fall since you know how it will end! Anyone out there with an opinion?

Monday, October 03, 2005

All about Sports!

So this weekend, I didn’t do much besides watch Sports (and a movie and some karaoke.) It was relaxing and I think I gained 3 pounds!

First the movie: Into the Blue is worth seeing. Lots of twists, some action, lots of nice beach scenes, Paul Walker! It was very enjoyable. There are a couple parts that were less than realistic that even people who have never dived before can tell, but that is the case with most movies. Big screen is the way to go!

Saturday: Badgers are a good team. Indiana loaded the box, Calhoun still gets 100. Stocco shreds man coverage and even though he takes some hits (holds the ball too long) and makes some mistakes he sees the whole field. He misses some passes but he’s at least pitching them towards the best match-up and not dumping them. His best game of the year happens without TE Daniels or FB Bernstein, two of his staples! Oh yeah, and sitting in the Varsity Club is not overrated. It was a much different experience than sitting outside in the bleachers. Both have their plusses but on an 80 degree day it was nice to be waited on! I'll post pictures soon do you can see for yourself!

Michigan/Michigan State was an awesome battle, wish I could’ve watched that too! Glad Michigan came up out on Top! Anyone with Penn State tickets and/or an interest in going? November 5th! Probably won’t go but it could be fun!

Football was fun yesterday too (although Detroit got hosed, Pollard was in and the replay was inconclusive.) Talladega once again proved great, a little bright spot in a pretty crappy season.

Before the season started I picked the Packers to be 5-11. You know what is scary? I thought at this point they would be 2-1 (lose at Detroit, win at home against Cleveland and Tampa.) Tonight predicition? 27-13, Carolina. Packers down early and large, scrambles back with a 3rd quarter FG and a mop up 4th quarter touchdown.

Oh yeah, likely money for me for the highest score in Fantasy Football, my 2nd high score in 4 weeks! I did however miss the cross race yesterday. I thought of the following excuses : Parents in town, gas prices, lack of training, lack of funds. The real excuse though was: I just didn’t feel like going. Jerry across the street went though (I think) but I am not sure how he did. Jordan and Ryan went (8th A’s, 16th B’s is how well they were rumored to have finished.) Looks like there were a lot in the C’s so a Top 20 was unlikely anyways.