The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So today was a good day at work. We had a Thanksgiving cookout which was yummy and I got a new carbon frame (and some other goodies.)

I can't talk about how awesome yesterday was (even though I've heard alot of others talking about it which they were not supposed to) but I'd probably rank it as the single greatest work-day I've ever had. And it didn't even involve a promotion or raise or any of that, it was just a good day. And on the bonus side a VP named my blog by name when he talked to me yesterday! :) I am world famous now! I even rode my bike and ran yesterday.

But Friday will be a bad day at work! One of my all-time favorite co-workers (Brooke) is leaving Pacific Cycle. We've had lots of people come and go but this will be the first person that is very close to me to leave. It certainly won't be the same without her there. Brooke, good luck at your new job, I know you are super excited, but we'll all miss you!!!

10k is less than a week away. I've trimmed off a couple of my post Ironman pounds and should be ready to rock.

Not much else to report, but I do have a busy weekend ahead. Between watching volleyball, playing basketball, football and dodgeball, and watching lots of football there will be little time left for anything else! But that's the way I like it. One week until Black Friday, are you ready?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry about the sporadic posts but I haven’t been up to much lately.

-What a crazy weather week, on Wednesday we were let out of work early because it was so unseasonably warm. On Friday we were let out of work due to the severe ice and snow storm. In 48 hours it all changes…insanity!

-Workout summary: rode twice, ran twice and played basketball four times last week. I didn’t however rake my leaves which are under a cover of icy snow right now. It’s raining now so maybe the snow will melt and be dry enough to rake this weekend.

-Had an awesome day in fantasy football. Unfortunately I ran into a team who had a record week…guh! So I fall to 3-6 despite being among the top scoring teams.

-Badgers and Packers both win road games in places they usually lose at which was nice. I am predicting that my beloved Michigan will fall in a close one in Columbus this Saturday (take the points)…but…will meet again in the National Championship game. Rutgers falls to WV, USC beats ND but loses to Cal, Florida loses the SEC championship to Arkansas. Michigan’s computer ranking stays high enough and they finish ranked 3 thus getting them back to the Orange Bowl and…the Badgers get to go to Pasadena to play Cal/USC?

-In my Nascar league I moved into 3rd place, which pays pretty well. A Casey Mears win will almost certainly get me the win in my league, which is loads of cash! If he does well and others do bad then I can move up to 2nd or 1st as well. If he does poorly I’ll be out of the money. So go Casey!!!

-I am just over two months removed from the Ironman. It seems like ages ago! In the next two months? Dodgeball tourneys, Christmas Party, birthday parties, bachelor party, Christmas (and roughly 5 celebrations of it), Rehearsal Dinner Party, Wedding, New Years, Honeymoon Cruise, my birthday and then back to reality. Oh man, I’m gonna get fat!

-Jen, Kelson and Jerry continue to dominate the cross season. Saturday looked hellish…which is what cross is all about.

-Wedding in 47 days. Wow! We’ve got all the major stuff ready, now it’s all about the details.