The Waffle House Chronicles...

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Always room for a cute photo in my blog! :)

So I’ve started drinking coffee. I maybe have it 4-5 times a week, on mornings I don’t work out or on the weekend or in the evening before going out. On Tuesday I even busted out my new cappuccino machine and made my own cappuccino. It went remarkably well with a sweet hazelnut mostly decaf finish. I am still trying to figure all this out and am hoping that after our wedding I will own my own coffee maker (yes I own an espresso/cappuccino machine but not a coffee maker.) My favorite coffee is hazelnut with vanilla cream but I am hoping to try some new things. So bear with me as I try to become educated in the inner-workings of coffee. One thing I know is that our coffee at work isn’t very good but we are getting a new coffee vendor for 2007 so I am hoping that will improve. Special thanks to all of those who’ve are helping me find my way (Tracy, MJ, co-workers, etc.)

I’ve always enjoyed a good plate of nachos. And if you are on a quest for the best nachos in the area I would definitely stop by Pasquals and give them a try. I get the shredded beef nachos which starts you with the best shredded beef around on some homemade and well seasoned chips. There are no beans on this, which for me is a good thing as I’ve kind of soured on the whole bean thing (black, pinto or refried) but if you need the beans I am sure they’ll throw them on. These nachos also have lots of melted on cheese with some not overly spicy jalapeños and green chilis. Add in some tomatoes and black olives and top with sour cream and very overrated salsa (which is in a cup so it’s not directly on the nachos) and you’ve got one of the better plates around. Due to recent camera issues I have no photo.

Last night we pretty much finalized the wedding ceremony and the wedding day schedule. It was actually a lot of fun going through it and cracking jokes and what ifs and trying to insert humor into the ceremony. Riz should have a good time with it!

Well that's about all I can write on a lunch break. Don't have any links or anything to play with today.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wedding Update

It’s wedding confirmation deadline day! We’ve got maybe half of our invites back and the rest are supposed to be due today! It’s been a crazy time! We’ve even had 8 add-on guests confirm in so we are sorting through that and have to make some calls. That certainly is the least fun part so far. We’ve had about an 86% positive return rate so that’s good considering the time of year. Although I am guessing a lot of people are still trying to figure out holiday plans with families and stuff as we know how hard that can be. Of course some people that I know will be there because they kinda have to be there haven’t even replied yet. We got our first wedding gift the other day so that’s pretty cool!

I am writing my vows this week and it’s been going well…I am hoping they will be revolutionary! We also are writing the ceremony although so far we’ve had some differing opinions on wording but all in all it should work out. We are also planning on getting the license soon too so things are really coming together. All in all I think we are at that lull before the storm point. This weekend we have only dodgeball that I know of but then each weekend day after that is swamped as hell but all to do super-fun things!

I am planning a blog revamp right before we hit the key bachelor party/Christmas/Wedding/Honeymoon stretch so keep your eyes pealed. I also want to thank everyone who is currently a blog reader. Inevitably with my new marketing campaign I will gain some new and devoted readers but I want to thank all of you who have kept following me through the boring months of October and November. So if you are reading this, please post a comment so I know who is all left and deserves a coveted 2006 loyal reader award.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lots of love and lots of hate!

Thursday- Went to the Draft House to watch the NFL Network (even though I hate the Bengals and Ravens) and had a good time (more because of the company than the game itself.) We’ll have to do this again soon!

Friday- Workday as usual. We were going to go to the volleyball game that night but Jess wasn’t feeling good so we stayed in, ate some pizza and watched the Office and She’s All That. No complaints from me! I love that movie!

Saturday- Played a hard two hours of hoops in the morning and had a blast! I had a Ho Ho afterward and realized I prefer the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll. Came home and watched more TV. Finally it was decided that I needed to go mountain biking with Jerry and Kelson so we all went and it was a blast. I crashed three times though. The third was the worse as I was like 30 feet from being done and I landed on a stump and have a messed up shin. But all in all it was crazy fun! After that we cleaned the house and went to Qdoba. I even stop at Caribou and had a campfire Latte or something like that. I am new to coffee and trying to figure out this whole coffee game. Got home and Hez was waiting. We hung out and went over some things before a few more people came over to play games. Gaming was fun although we had a lot of people for one game so we kind of split up into two groups. I even won a game of Sorry for like my first time ever so I was very proud! By the end of the night I was really buzzed, I didn’t realize I had that much. Hopefully I wasn’t too belligerent. After everyone left though we were still worried about Chili who was really sick. He’s feeling better now but still doesn’t have much of an appetite. But his energy and zest seem to be back. It’s so weird when a dog is sick like that, he’s usually the happiest being in the world and when he isn’t…it’s scary! Jess spent all night sleeping on the floor next to him. Oh yeah, Bergoff Dark is awful, thanks to Beth for taking a grenade for me!

Sunday- Got up and wasn’t as hung over as I should’ve been which is a real bonus! Read the paper, ate some leftovers and watch another classic…10 Things I Hate About You! I only got about half of it but the rest is primed on the DVR…hopefully ready for watching tonight! We went to Jess’ parents house…guh! The Packers didn’t even show up. I can handle Packer losses just fine…but this was ridiculous. There wasn’t one relevant quality offensive play for the Packers. I feel almost robbed yet again. Of course I thought the Packers would suck this bad so when they gave us a few wins early I got spoiled. AJ Hawk and Brady Quinn are brothers in law...hmmmm….. After that we hit the new Great Dane at Hilldale. It’s pretty much what you would expect, similar to other Great Dane’s but new. Got home, watched stupid Gramatica kick a field goal, watched Michigan not make the BCS, watched the Simpsons and the stupid Denver Broncos yet again and then checked my fantasy team that once again did well but once again got screwed (this time by Reggie Bush.) Yep, pretty much another classic Sunday!

Jess got a new camera so I'll have to put some photo examples down soon! Thanks for reading!