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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catchin' up

Been a busy last couple of weeks!
Last Friday we went to the Saris Gala, which is a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Bike Federation. Free drinks and food made for a good time for all! We even kicked it old school and hit the Perkins with a group on our way home. That's the way to roll (or unroll an omelet!)

Saturday was Jess' birthday...she turned the big three-oh. It was a nice day though, we started out going to the dog park and then to the cross race at Badger Prairie. We also started out new hobby, geo-caching. We failed that day though as we weren't quite sure how to use the GPS equipment. We got home in time to clean up and change and then out to the Botham Vineyards with a few of our friends. We downed some good wine and had a great time hanging out on the terrace.
That night we had some friends over for some drinks and games to celebrate. Woo hoo!

A good time was had by all!

Sunday- Packers/Colts, didn't get to go this year as I was leaving early Monday for Providence and needed a day to chill. And a day to chill, it was! We did go out and get our first ever successful geo-cache with Jess' parents! Sweet! Packers dominated and then out to dinner for Jess' birthday! Good times!
Monday- 6am flight to Providence. Got there but my luggage did not (until late on Tuesday.) So after getting lunch and checking in we went to the park to set-up our tent for the east coast dirt demo. The park was beautiful with the fall colors. After set-up we had lots of time so I got to go shopping for some new clothes to make it through to the next day. Wal-Mart and JC Penneys worked. Then we went to the beach, nothing like a dip in the Atlantic in October.
And a beautiful sunset to boot! :) Went out for pizza and then played guitar hero and Mario Kart, it felt just like my youth hockey days!
Tuesday I got up and it was 30F. Went to Wal-Mart for some gloves and long underwear and to Dunkin Donuts for some breakfast. The show was a good time! Got to ride a little bit in my work clothes. We gave out alot of test rides and the show was a moderate success. We were a bit overstaffed but that's better than being understaffed! Here's me with Mr. Potato Head. Jess and I went to this park 3 years ago and Jess had to scale the fence to see him. This time the park wasn't open either but they were doing maintanence. That night we went down to Newport as a coworker lives there. We went to a cool bar (Back Alley Pub) and had a great time.
Wednesday I woke up with more donuts. Headed to the park and it was alot less busy. Which meant I got to test ride products (ours and competitors.) I rode 10 miles or so on the Roubaix. I liked it.

Then I went out on our road bike (GTR Pro with integrated seat mast) and that bike was super racy, I like it and look forward to getting one! After 15 miles on road it was time to go off road. I rode about 10 miles on the cross bike the day before and they had the perfect cross trails (in the fall with fall colors, almost perfect.) I took out a Cannondale Rize though and it was awesome. Rode probably 10 miles looking for anything I could ride. 2 stair cases and one jump and then a bunch of trails made for cross bikes. Here's a nice timer shot I did.

And here is another one, coming off of an island. You had to ride these sticks to get over and back. After all this riding, it started to rain and sleet. I went on a donut run and also got hot chocolate for everyone. Then we closed up early and headed back to the hotel. That night it cleared up and we headed into Providence, checking out the town and the Brown University campus. A beautiful night in a beautiful city.
Thursday was pretty blah. Headed home via LaGuardia. Flight in was nice as we taxied over Manhattan.
Got back home and then to work and then back home, to catch up on TV. Had lots of donuts and lattes out east, I lived the East Coast life! :)
Friday was catch-up day at work. That was about it. Went to Chilis at night and did some shopping and nothing too exciting.
Saturday was geocache and hang out with friends day. Three geocaches was the goal (big bark park, Ice Age Trail and Badger Prairie.) I started my day with some achillies is messed. Oh well. Then out to the big dog park, the dogs were excited! We found the first cache in the park about 2/3 of the way through a lap. Sweet! We then hit the Ice Age trail for some more action. The Ice Age is beautiful and it was a great hike! Chili actually found the cache for us! Here's the cache.
If anyone wants to try it, let us know! Popeye was a fan!

Then we finalized the trifecta at Badger Prairie, a big success! Hit some Taco Bell and watched the Badgers. Then went out with the Irbys and Mundys to see the movie Pride and Glory. It was pretty darn good. Then to Noodles for some supper and then to Barriques for a wine tasting, which was a great time! 10 wines was enough to make everyone blush!
Today was laid back with no Packers and crappy weather. In fact we have snow flurries right now. My parents are here on their way to Florida so I best spend some time with them. Thanks for reading!


  • Sounds like you've had some pretty awesome times inbetween blog posts. What got you guys into geocaching? Keep up the exciting events!! Are you guys ready for Novemberween?

    Liver Ignores Zeal Especially Salty Tears Or Maples

    By Anonymous Riz, at 10/28/2008 7:25 AM  

  • That's a pretty homely picture of Popeye!

    By Anonymous kelson, at 11/03/2008 5:58 AM  

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