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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Colorado Post

So Day 3 has come and gone. It was weird trying to do things in the mountains when you can't walk much. Fortunately there are many beautiful sites you can drive to so that's what we did. The day started off early however as we needed to make the trip to Daylight Donuts in Breck. Awesome food, cool atmosphere and great prices make this the place to go for locals. Fortunately on a Monday morning in September the line didn't reach out the door like it did in the summer. Good start. We then headed up to the Quandary Peak trailhead at Blue Lakes. That is the start of the harder but shorter climb but it is also very scenic. Having a messed up ankle and all there would be no climbing but it was so beautiful to be there. We headed back down to Breck and then up Boreas pass which is a gravel pass that used to have the old railroad. The drive was insane with some spaces being wide enough for barely one car and exposure too. The views were excellent as you could view Quandary and all of Breck. We got to the top and they had some of the old railroad buildings. We spent a little time up there and decided to go back down the other side (which would leave us a long trip back.) We decended the other side and then got stopped at the bottom. There was a Med Flight chopper and some guy on a stretcher with his neck strapped in. His foot was all bloody as well. He was moving around and talking so that was good, no idea what happened and they also sent an ambulance up the pass which makes me wonder if another was injured. We headed back up Hoosier pass to Breck (and getting to see some more 14k mountains.) We decided to hit the Empire Burger again, it's the best thing going in Colorado.

It was 70 and sunny in Breck so we got to eat outside even!After that we strolled around the town for a bit. I soaked my ankle in the super cold blue river for a half hour or so. It was nice to take it easy and relax and Breck is the coolest town I know. We headed back to the condo to rest for a while. We worked on a puzzle and watched some movies. We then headed out for supper at the Dillon Dam Brewery. And since this blog is about food I'll post my mashed potatoes and chicken! :) After the brewery it was dark and the moon was full so a nice moonlit drive on the Dillon Dam was in order. This picture doesn't do this justice as the reflection of the moon on the resevoir and the outline of mountains made it almost surreal.It is now Tuesday morning and this is our last day here. Probably more of the same in store but we'll see!


  • Nice Photos of the mountains. Makes me consider heading back for a second chance at Colorado

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    By Anonymous kelson, at 9/16/2008 11:47 AM  

  • You paint an excellent picture of Colorado with your pictures and stories. Glad to hear you guys are having so much fun (even with the bum ankle) out there.

    Ah, I was looking to see the closest Empire Burger and it looks like they only have the one. And as I'm sure you know the owners are also the owners of Giampietro's Pizza.

    So, it sounds like the Riz might have to make a random weekend appearance in Colorado at some point.

    Hope your last day there is a good one.

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    By Anonymous Riz, at 9/17/2008 8:33 AM  

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