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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunger gets what hunger wants...

The weekend has been pretty sweet so far! Friday we got out of work early. Usually we'd piss away those two hours and in many people's opinions we did. We watched Ocean's Twelve. Not the world's best movie but really good nonetheless. We watched Bank Job a couple days prior and that was much better. It was just fun to be 23/36ths of the way through the Ocean's Trilogy. We then hit the Target quick and then the Riz and Hez came over. Tried my first ever volcano taco but I can't recommend if for myself as it was just ok (Kyle would probably like it though...and it is worth the $.89 investment to try anyways.) Played a bunch of classic 4 player games (Blockus, Oh Hell, Boggle, Euchre) and had an outstanding time.

I've been on a quest for a PS3 for months and now I've heard the new 80gb systems have shipped. I had lots of gift cards to both Best Buy and Circuit City but everyone buys PS3s there. I ended up finding one at Wal-Mart (and it was 99 cents cheaper.) By 8am I was back home with my new piece. Got it hooked up and wireless and started downloading games. I got a ton of demos and then the full version of Pain. Going to do some more downloading today!

Had to cut my PS3 session short though as I scored a couple free Badger tickets through work. We rode our bikes down there and even locked it back up to Larkin's bike (which has been locked down there since 1997 but has now been flipped.) Had a quick hot dog before the game and then some nachos at the game. The game was awesome. We sat with Dennis and his wife (who scored the other two tickets from work.) We were in the shade for most of the 1st half and then got to see the Badgers pull away in the 3rd quarter and stayed for jump around and another 4th quarter touchdown before grabbing the bikes and heading to the capital.Heading to the Captial I flatted right about State Street. The roads down there were so bad and my tires were low on air I can't believe it took that long. $10 at yellow jersey (I can't believe how crazy that place is) and I was back up and running for the two blocks to the capital.

Got to the taste and item #1 was the Jack and Blue Buffalo Cheese Sticks - $3

They were one of the best things to ever touch my mouth. They were the richest most decidant deep fried items ever. I don't really have a food scale but 9.5 out of 10 would seem appropriate. Not a bad way to start the taste and would be a determining factor on if I return on Sunday.

I skipped the Meatball Stromboli as it looked bad and hit the Butterfinger Wontons - $2. I am guessing you can't see the dissappointment on my face...they were horrid. The won ton wrapper took away the little butterfinger taste and it was more like a butterfinger cheesecake filling (that wasn't good for cheesecake) and it had way too little filling. Terrible.

Next up was a new Little Caesar's menu item Zesty Jalapeno Cheese Bread - $1. Pretty darn good although they were super rich and eating more than 3 or 4 of these would be pretty rough. But I can recommend them if you are sharing and for $1 we only got 2 so it was pretty good!
Since I saved $2 on the stromboli I was lured in to Potbelly by the Ice Cream Sandwich - $2. Two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle...sold! It was such a hot day that ice cream seemed great! Highly recommended!
We then ran into a bunch of people we knew (O'Donnells, Balsleys & Chuck.) We hung out in the shade watching Stella and eating and just enjoying being downtown and outside.

Stella even represented.

One more place to eat, Toppers Mac and Cheese Pizza by the Slice - $2. At this point I wasn't hungry and was going to skip but for $2 I had to try it. I did get the worst slice of the 5 or 6 I saw but regardless it wasn't great. It was ok and I didn't mind eating it but Ians blows it away!

After that we took off and headed back home. We caught a couple songs by a group called the Too White Crew on the way out (the midwest's only hip-hop cover band) and I probably should have stayed for the whole show (awesome.) The ride home was rough but we made it. Finally got some more time with the PS3, playing for a couple hours before watching the Brewers and some more football and hitting the bed early. A great day!


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