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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rain, rain here to stay...

I think our house or one of our neighbors was hit by lightning last night. We heard the longest and loudest clap of thunder ever, the house shook. I went to make sure everything was ok and both the dogs were outside of the bedroom and shaking so badly I thought Popeye was going to have a heart attack. They ended up getting to sleep the rest of the night in our room a first (and hopefully last.) Somehow we didn't lose power so that was good.

Want some Abe Lincoln DNA or some Mark Spitz race-used speedo? Me too!

Big sales and dealer show this weekend. Put in 13-1/2 hours yesterday in prep (Jess also added 4 hours after her 8 of work) but we are well on our way. Today shouldn't be as bad although we have to be ready for tomorrow morning so if things aren't going well I reckon that I'll get the call for more work tonight. Oh well, they pay me for it so no complaints. And the 2009 product line looks sweet!!!


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